I’m a woman.

Hey. Why do I need to define myself as a feminist? I’m a woman. Are you a malist?

Merriam Webster’s first definition of Feminism is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”.

Can we not just have a word for the morons who don’t believe that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities?

Real, stupid conversations I’ve had(with my sarcastic thoughts in parentheses):

Moron: Oh, so you didn’t change your last name? Did your husband mind?

Me: He knew who he was marrying (If he did mind, you’d be the first person to know and yes he actually did mind, so he didn’t marry me. Wait, we’re married… I mind that he throws his socks on the floor — crazy that we can’t agree on everything and we got married anyway.)

Moron continues: So you’re a feminist?

Me: I’m a woman (and I f@#$ing like my last name! Categorizing me as a crazy bra-burning feminist is much less threatening than just labeling me a “mainstream” woman- right?)

Women represent half of the world’s population. Since we represent humanity equally, should we not be treated equally? Am I missing something? Do I have to be labeled a feminist to demand equality? I’m a woman.

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