I hack time.
Quincy Larson

Okay, first thing. Your daughter is so cute! Please note that I don’t squeal too often when I see cute kids — except for mine, but that only goes without saying. :)

In any case, I just recently started listening to podcasts again — for some unknown reason I thought podcasts wasn’t a big thing anymore. (What can I say — don’t get out much.) I started listening to them again because I realized there is a wealth of information out there on podcasts that I’m interested in — besides listening and learning French (oh, I’m not too good at that either by the way.) So now, I’m walking and listening to podcasts about tech, coding, careers, and other things that interest me.

Also, I’m a bookworm (do people still call it that), so I started reading audio books with my husband. He subscribed to Audible last year, and we can share our library since we have Amazon Prime (family). The first book we read together was The Martian; it was a pretty good book. At first I thought it was cheating by reading the audio book, but I realized it’s still reading. (There’s some research out there that does support that it does count as reading, but I’ll let someone else google that.)

Oh, in regards to the Elon Musk and his 100 hours of week working — a bit much, I agree — but come on, he must’ve added some downtime somewhere in there for him to play Clash of Clans (a bit dated, I know), watch cat/dog videos, or at least play Pokémon Go (just kidding, I don’t play that game — yet).

Anyway, thanks for all the great resources. As always, I look forward to the articles that you write.

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