In Response to H.R. 1628–115th Congress: American Health Care Act of 2017

Sen. Toomey, Rep. Boyle,

I am writing in concern to the passage of H.R. 1628. Like the previous ACA replacement attempted earlier this year, I am also against this bill. I appreciate my Representative voting against this bill. Beyond the many problems with this bill, of greater concern to me is the behavior of our elected officials. This bill was passed without any time for public review, discussion or feedback. It was another hastily written attempt to repeal health care without any plan for a real and positive change to provide all Americans the right to affordable health care.

Since prior to the election, the current majority party has acted with no actual plan behind the chant “Repeal Obamacare”. I would expect that if the ACA were so objectionable that Republicans would have come prepared in this Congress with a clearly written and articulated plan for enacting an ACA replacement, or ideally, rather than being hell bent on full ‘repeal’ look at making positive changes to improve the current legislation around healthcare, rather than continuing to have abortive complete restarts.

Beyond a horribly written bill passed in the House, the behavior of the President and House leadership and Republicans after the passage was one of the most unprofessional displays I have ever seen. The behavior was that of a college fraternity. Given the significant impact that this legislation has on American’s and their health I would expect better, professional behavior from all of our politicians.

While expanding HSA limits and expanding the usage of those funds is a positive. However, that funding does not help lower income families to be able to cover and get the health care services they need. There needs to be comprehensive coverage of all health services, including for mental health services and proactive care. There needs to be additional taxes on the top 1% and other high income earners to help provide the funding needed. There needs to be sensible controls for older citizens and those with pre-existing conditions who are most vulnerable to not being able to afford the healthcare which they need.

It is clear to me from this display that Republican leadership doesn’t actually care about doing what is right for the people who elected them and simply looking at undoing any type of legislation not enacted by them regardless of impact to the American people.

I would hope that the Senate sees the behavior and actions of the President and the House and acts differently. Engaging their constituents in the discussion and provide transparency to a real solution for the American people and not something hastily written and put together behind closed doors. There should be time for discussion with the public, full review by the CBO and other non-partisan organizations.


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