But, if everything is spiritual……..then nothing is spiritual?
Jennie Stewart

For me, the Holocaust is spiritual because when I look at it with Spirit, it opens my communication with the divine so that I learn to look on everyone involved in that event, and all those still experiencing its repercussions, with a compassion and understanding beyond my human limitation.

Everything is spiritual to me because there is nothing else. Spirit, in truth, has no opposite. It is. All else is illusion. This statement comes from my growing awareness (via A Course in Miracles) that I don’t have to change the world I see, or change other people; instead I am practicing looking at the world with Spirit and then changing my perception to align with Spirit’s. Sprit looks on the world with nothing more, or less, than forgiveness, reminding me of who and what I really am.

The more I’ve practiced Spirit’s lessons, the less I’m finding I’m afraid of life and God and people and problems and existence…If all of this sounds easy, it isn’t, but for me the practice has been effective in cultivating my peace of mind as well as healing many of my past and present relationships. (Reading Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe also helped me.)

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