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Gris Cray

Hi Gris,

Hope things are well. Wanted to say thanks for checking out my writing and adding your thoughtful comments. I love your list and categorizations. As someone who psychotically alphabetizes, chronologizes and categorizes his music collection, this was especially appealing. I thought I’d add a few additional news sources for you to check out:

Disobedient Media (investigative journalism and news outlet)

Suzie Dawson (NZ expat living in Russia) -wrote a seminal long-form piece on Julian Assange earlier this year, collaborator of Disobedient Media writer/editor Elizabeth Lea Voss

Democracy@Work (founded by Marxian economist Richard Wolff and now featuring several writers and podcasters)

21st Century Wire (global news and analysis — big home for indy investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley who has done key on-the-ground coverage of Syria)

Strategic Culture Foundation (foreign affairs news and analysis)

Paul Craig Roberts (former US Treasury official — writes on economics, foreign policy)

I’ll let you be the judge on political categories for these sources. See you on the Interwebs!

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