Hiding in Plain Sight: The Indy Media Directory, Pt. 1

Despite every ounce of digital censorship that’s going on today, whether it be the jimmied algorithms on Google, the purges on Facebook and Twitter, or the demonetization, suppression and deletion of channels on YouTube, there is still a significant amount of high-quality independent journalism being produced and distributed via the Internet.

This means that political free thinkers continue to have a fighting chance to get non-sanitized news and political ideas into the public sphere. This page is the first of three I’ll be creating, intended to provide a habitually updated directory of sorts, where people can go to discover non-corporate, independent socio-political publications, as well as individual journalists, activists, economists, historians and political thinkers.

Please use the comments section to let me know about additional independent outlets. I will be updating this page with new information as often as possible.

(As full disclosure, I am a non-partisan thinker with no allegiance to isms, but I definitely skew left. My chief concerns are the health and well being of all humans and the ecosystem on our home, the planet Earth. Invariably, this directory will reflect my biases. It’s only fair that I be clear about that. Independent outlets that truck in hate, boostering of specific political parties/politicians, excessive faith in electoral politics, Trump obsession, or adherence to rigid ideologies are not likely to see representation here)

Now that my cards are on the table, let’s get this directory underway with both semi- and fully independent publications of news content and political analysis. We’ll start with 1) online publications. Future pages will focus on 2) individual journalists/writers and 3) video channels and podcasts.

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The More Established Players


This is a publication run by editor and writer Robert Scheer, who is a well-known progressive journalist, famous for editing Ramparts Magazine, a major anti-establishment journal during the height of the 60s counterculture. Truthdig is a fairly diverse publication, with weekly opinion columns from left luminaries like Paul Street, Chris Hedges and economic thinkers like Nomi Prins, as well as full sections on national and international politics, social and environmental issues, the military, and more. Articles come from both Truthdig staff writers and other publications as reprints.

The Intercept (with caveats)

Although its editor-in-chief is Betsy Reed, former executive editor at longtime progressive magazine The Nation, the Intercept is owned and influenced by billionaire tech oligarch Pierre Omidyar, who has a history of involvement with and support of the military-industrial complex and the surveillance state. In the past, the Intercept has burned sources and run many deceptive propaganda stories. However, Omidyar’s influence over the publication is not monolithic. Famous writers like Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill (also founders), as well as others such as Naomi Klein, Lee Fang, Briahna Gray and David Dayen continue to do some excellent independent work. As such, it’s worth keeping the publication in rotation, albeit skeptically.


Edited by prison reform advocate Maya Schenwar, Truthout is a solid progressive left publication that focuses on national and international politics, the environment, the economy, war and peace, prison and policing, education and culture. They boast progressive domestic-focused editor/writers like William Rivers Pitt (who gained popularity during the Bush years) and Dahr Jamail, who has written great stuff for years on politics and war in the Middle East as well as the impact of global warming worldwide. They have a lot of good contributing writers, among them Marxian economist Richard Wolff and left intellectual Henry Giroux.


Since its founder, leftist British writer Alexander Cockburn passed away in 2012, Counterpunch has faltered. Under editors Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank, the publication has developed an ideological rigidity and arrogance that has put off a lot of readers (they also publish very few non-white, non-male writers). Over the past few years, instead of embracing changes in progressive political thought, they wasted time and energy running hit pieces on increasingly popular independent journalists like Caitlin Johnstone, mostly based on willful misconstruing of her decidedly non-ideological writings. Nevertheless, the publication continues to run work by some great left-oriented thinkers such as Anthony Monteiro, David Swanson, Mike Whitney and Rob Urie, as well as longtime Middle East correspondents like Robert Fisk and accomplished European-focused writers like Diana Johnstone. While many of their articles are written in academic styles that can be a slog to wade through, there is still insight to be found in the publication.

Consortium News

Founded in 1995 by veteran investigative journalist Robert Parry (passed away in 2018), who was instrumental in bringing the 80’s Iran-Contra affair to public attention, the non-partisan Consortium News, now edited by Joe Lauria, focuses on U.S. foreign policy, the deep state, U.S./international politics, media criticism and more. The publication has broken numerous stories over the years — debunking Russiagate most recently — and is one of the most respected in independent media for its attention to detail and adherence to the facts. Unlike left-media outlets such as Counterpunch, Consortium has embraced new non-ideological journalistic talent and is currently publishing the work of independent journalists Caitlin Johnstone and Suzie Dawson. Highly recommended.

Kennedys and King

The latest phase of a website project started by Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination (CTKA) in the 1990s, Kennedys and King is a content-rich website edited by groundbreaking author and assassination researcher James DiEugenio (a frequent Consortium News contributor). Writers on the site, including recently lauded RFK researcher/writer Lisa Pease, do extensive historical research and writing on the political legacies and murders of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and others. More than a historical curio, the publication traces how these murders impact today’s politics and the behavior of prominent political analysts and intellectuals, including the justifiably revered but all-too-human Noam Chomsky. The site also serves as a repository for the archives of Probe Magazine, a Kennedy-focused journal originally published by CTKA. The content found here is both fascinating and devastating.

London Review of Books

Around since 1979, the London Review of Books obviously reviews a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction works. It’s politically relevant because it also offers in-depth articles on politics and history from a small cast of highly respected journalists and scholars, including Greg Grandin and the legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, whose work so offends the American establishment he had to go oversees to get his work a hearing. For that alone, it’s well worth keeping in rotation.

Black Agenda Report (BAR)

BAR was founded in 2006 by veteran journalist/activists Glenn Ford (current executive editor), Bruce Dixon, Margaret Kimberly and Leutisha Stills. With both in-depth audio and written content, BAR is one of the most non-partisan and authentically radical publications on the Internet, focusing on domestic U.S. politics, the U.S. empire, and international news and politics from a historically informed far left black perspective. The work of all four writers is, in my humble opinion, must-read. They have also just begun to publish the work of Ethiopian born journalist and Ghion Journal founder Teodrose Fikre, who currently publishes my work as well.


Founded in 2001 at the beginning of the Bush years by Tom Englehardt, TomDispatch focuses much of its work on commentary related to U.S. empire behavior and a bit on domestic politics and the environment. Non-ideological, the publication regularly runs articles by conservative historian Andrew Bacevich, as well as progressive and classical liberal historians such as Nick Turse and Alfred McCoy. You’ll also find work by progressive writers such as Rebecca Solnit and environmental pieces by Dahr Jamail and professor Michael Klare. Though its initial early 2000s energy seems to have dissipated a bit and the design could use a major upgrade, there’s good stuff here, especially from university-affiliated writers.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

Longstanding media watchdog nonprofit, FAIR takes a deep look into media professionalism/truthfulness and bias, as well as national and international politics and social issues. A respected independent organization that publishes work from known writers such as Adam Johnson and Sam Husseini.

Media Lens

Operated since 2001 by Englishmen David Edwards and David Cromwell, Media Lens spends most of its time on original articles and fact-checking the mainstream media — from a progressive, anti-empire perspective — on issues such as politics, culture, and foreign policy.

In These Times

Taken directly from their mission statement, In These Times is an independent, nonprofit magazine dedicated to advancing democracy and economic justice, informing movements for a more humane world, and providing an accessible forum for debate about the policies that shape our future. Originally founded by historian James Weinstein in 1976, the magazine is now edited by Jessica Stites and continues to focus on U.S. news and politics through a progressive, pro-worker lens. Solid, in-depth domestic news found here.


Dissent, which has both a print and online edition, is a pro-labor progressive left magazine that’s been around since 1954. If you’re interested in labor issues, leftist political theory and history and news from an internationalist perspective, Dissent remains a high-quality resource.

Jacobin Magazine

Available both in both print and online editions, Jacobin (edited by Seth Ackerman) might be described as the mainstream of American socialist journalism. While the publication has critics that fault its increasing focus on electoral politics, its lack of gender/racial diversity and focus on class issues that avoid factoring in how race functions in settler-colonial capitalism, there is still a lot of strong analysis and in-depth reporting coming from its writer pool. Worth keeping tabs on.

World Socialist Website

Despite its obvious ideological bias, WSWS is an excellent source for in-depth labor news from around the world and some very solid analysis of global political issues. Chock full of content, most of it well-written, you can learn a lot by going down their particular socialist rabbit hole.

Socialist World

There are a surprising amount of explicitly socialist outlets on the Internet. The UK-based Socialist World is part of Committee for a Workers International and it covers a lot of ground, looking at workers rights issues in every area of the globe, as well as offering commentary and analysis on issues such as economics, political theory, current political events and history. Heavy ideological bias, but a great place to see what’s up with worker struggles.

Information Clearing House

Horribly named but potent news and commentary aggregator, coming from an overt global justice/left perspective, Information Clearinghouse, founded In 2001, is a good place to go for headlines you won’t see on mainstream media and for commentary from a wide variety of thinkers, journalists, historians, comedians and more. Focuses on issues related to foreign affairs, empire and the environment. Recommended.

Electronic Intifada

Founded in the early 2000s, the Electronic Intifada covers issues related to the experience of Palestinians under occupation, the politics of Israel, the greater Middle East and U.S. impact on the region. A great resource for getting on-the-ground perspectives from a critical part of the world.

Global Research

Part of the Montreal-based publishing and education nonprofit, The Centre for Global Research, this site made its debut mere days before 9/11. Since that time, Global Research has offered republished and original research and analysis on social, political, economic, cultural, strategic and environmental issues not being covered by the corporate press. The site design is wildly outdated, but the content, from a variety of international scholars, researchers and journalists, cuts across ideology, and is well worth reviewing.

New Matilda

Making its debut on the web in 2004, New Matilda is an independent media outlet that focuses on Australian politics and Aboriginal issues. They’re also one of the few outlets willing to cover Julian Assange without devolving into personal smears. Recommended.


Founded in 1999 and currently edited by former chemical engineer Nikhil Swaminathan, Grist is a longstanding independent media outlet firmly focused on the facts of climate change and social justice activism related to that issue. To get a deeper understanding of what’s happening with the climate, pollution, corporate malfeasance and mainstream political inaction, there are few better resources.

Z Magazine

Founded all the way back in 1987 by folks from South End Press, Z Magazine, znet and Z Communications are classic international anti-authoritarian leftist publications. In the early days of the Internet, they were one of the most reliable places to find essays by Noam Chomsky. You have to be a contributor to see their most recent issue, but back issues are free to read. Perhaps past its prime, but still has some worthy content.

People’s World

People’s World is essentially an online version of the Daily Worker newspaper, a publication associated with socialism, democracy movements and labor rights since 1924. As such, it’s an established worker-focused publication that looks at national and international politics, sports, the environment and even popular culture through a lens of workers rights and grassroots organizing. An advocacy publication with some very good (and much less polemical than you might think) journalism.

Monthly Review & MRonline

Another explicitly Socialist-oriented magazine, prominent on the left since the late 40s, is Monthly Review. Here, you’ll get global news and political analysis from established leftist scholars like editor John Bellamy Foster and famous Marxist author and professor David Harvey and historian Gerald Horne. This is a strong publication that harkens back to the 2nd Red Scare of the post-WWII period. Good stuff.

The Newer(ish) Folks


The elephant in the room of independent media, Wikileaks and its founder, embattled new-tech savant Julian Assange, have pioneered a truly digital- and primary resource-centric approach to journalism. Offering an anonymous way for individuals to leak a wide variety of government and corporate documents, Wikileaks then takes that material and organizes it into a searchable digital database for anyone to make use of for the purposes of research, self-enlightenment and investigative journalism. Countless journalists and researchers from both the corporate and independent press owe some of their best work to Wikileaks.

Disobedient Media

With editor-in-chief and writer Elizabeth Lea Vos at the helm, Disobedient Media has made a real impact in indy media in just two years time. The small post-partisan publication focuses on the global machinations of the U.S. national security state and its intelligence agencies, as well as on domestic issues such as political corruption, election rigging, propaganda/media criticism (re: Russiagate, in particular) and perhaps most notably, Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Vos has a close working relationship with New Zealand-born journalist-in-exile Suzie Dawson, working with her throughout 2018 on both the influential #Unity4J online vigils in support of Julian Assange and #DecipherYou, a deep exploration of the files leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Work from Disobedient Media also appears routinely on new social content platform Steemit and in the libertarian-inflected publication Zero Hedge.

Contraspin & Spin Bin

These sister publications are the primary repositories for the work of Suzie Dawson, former Occupy activist and journalist from New Zealand, now investigative journalist-in-exile, living in Moscow (here’s her website as well). Up until the beginning of 2019, Suzie was one of the prime movers behind the successful online Unity4J vigils in support of Julian Assange. Her work focuses on the clandestine activities of the U.S. empire, its hydra-headed intelligence apparatus and its affiliates/vassal states, as well as international whistleblowers and renegade media organizations such as Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange. Her work is characterized by a deep understanding of computers and Internet technology and extensive primary-source research that informs lengthy, heavily annotated exposes. Her work is also now appearing in Consortium News. She is a close colleague of both Elizabeth Lea Vos, editor-in-chief of Disobedient Media, and Joe Lauria, executive editor of Consortium News. Highly recommended.

The Ghion Journal

Founded in 2016 by Ethiopian born writer Teodrose Fikre, the Ghion Journal is a post-partisan peace-oriented publication that focuses on U.S. domestic politics and foreign policy, with an eye on calling out political theater, identity politics, the donor class and the military industrial media complex. The journal is also concerned with societal/political evolution and how to dismantle systems of oppression. Ghion features the work of Fikre, as well as writers Bree Hood, Stephen Boni (that’s me), socialist/activist Rainer Shea and a growing roster of other writers.


Started in 2015 by three disgruntled journalists who had become appalled at the rightward (and often fact-free) propagandistic shift of the UK’s most reliable left-leaning daily newspaper, Off-Guardian has grown into a complete news and commentary site, with interesting global news, analysis of the major world powers, political and historical essays, fact-checking the Guardian and other media criticism. A community-driven site, you’ll find a lot of original work, plus republishing of articles from the likes of Disobedient Media’s Elizabeth Lea Vos, political satirist CJ Hopkins, world-traveling journalist/novelist Andre Vltchek and regular Counterpunch contributor Colin Toddhunter. Good Stuff.

21st Century Wire

Founded and currently edited by American journalist Patrick Henningsen, the UK-based 21st Century Wire focuses on war and peace across the globe. In the past coupe of years, the publication has paid particular attention to other issues including Brexit, the Grenfell Tower collapse in London, Wikileaks and the plight of Julian Assange, and media propaganda issues. The publication also has independent journalist Vanessa Beeley on staff. As some might know, Vanessa is one of only a few English-speaking journalists (also Eva Bartlett) to spend time on the ground in Syria and she has become known as a major exposer of the purportedly humanitarian group The White Helmets as a UK- and U.S.-funded terrorist and propaganda outlet used to justify western proxy war efforts to take control of that country.

Mint Press News

Founded and currently run by veteran journalist Mnar Muhawesh, Mint Press News, in syndication partnership with a group of other activist-oriented left indy media organizations, focuses on original reporting and investigative work related to the U.S. empire, domestic U.S. politics, and media criticism (around issues of censorship and the deep state). They’re known for digging deep to find information and have broken many stories over the last few years. Their main staff writer is Whitney Webb, but they also use a roving cast of other political writers and reporters, including Canadian freelance journalist and on-the-ground Syria reporter Eva Bartlett. Highly recommended.

The Greanville Post

The eastern New York-based Greanville Post, edited by former economist Patrice Greanville, analyzes world events and international politics from an overt nonpartisan, propaganda busting, peace and justice perspective. The publication offers up original and reposted work from a wide swath of independent political thinkers, from old-guard writers like John Pilger and Eric Zuesse to emerging writers like Caitlin Johnstone, Max Parry and Rainer Shea. Very interesting and well-designed publication.

The Grayzone Project

The brainchild of journalist and author Max Blumenthal, the Grayzone Project grew out of now sadly Trump-obsessed left media outlet Alternet, and focuses on investigative reporting and in-depth analysis of U.S. foreign policy, propaganda and politics in Central America, South America, Israel and other parts of the world. The project also provides a home for the written work of Real News video/TV journalist Ben Norton and other writers from both the U.S. and abroad. A progressive publication with a decidedly internationalist sensibility. Recommended.

P.S. It appears Grayzone has recently scooped up former Real News rockstar Aaron Mate and the great Anya Parampil from RT. Nicely done.


This is a website that centers its news and analysis on international relations, conflict and crises. One of the main things the site seeks to do is break through misinformation, disinformation and other forms of propaganda the government and media use to maintain public support for violent conflict. A good news source for tracking how a variety of nations are jockeying for international position and using force to achieve their interests.

Unicorn Riot

A collective of journalists from across the East and Midwest of the U.S., Unicorn Riot fills the type of role that Indymedia.org did in the early 2000s, covering social movements and doing investigative work around issues of inequality and marginalization. Here you can learn about a host of on-the-ground work being done by citizen groups across the world and how they’re confronting the powers that be. Very interesting site, focused more on news than analysis.

Moon of Alabama

This publication was born out of the popularity of one of the early publications of the blogosphere in the early-mid 2000s called Billmon’s Whiskey Bar. Created and operated by a gentleman simply called Bernhard (who writes many of the articles), the site mainly focuses on U.S. foreign policy, militarism and international politics. The articles on Moon of Alabama are characterized by detailed knowledge of military history and strategy, geopolitics and how foreign affairs are conducted, and what motives lie behind actions taken by world powers. The site also has an uncommonly civil and sophisticated commenting audience, who deepen each piece with thoughtful and informed perspectives. Highly recommended.

Zero Hedge

Created by Bulgarian-born, U.S. educated writer and former stock/bond trader Daniel Ivandjiiski, Zero Hedge debuted in 2009 and publishes articles by a roving cast of additional writers. The site is known for covering politics and international affairs through then lens of economics, with a special focus on the behavior of corporations and financial markets. With a discernible libertarian/anti-authoritarian rightest leaning, Zero Hedge has a substantial audience and publishes some very interesting work.

Wall Street on Parade

Published by the husband and wife team of Pam and Russ Martens, Wall Street on Parade is a site that delves into the inner workings of Wall Street, and raises important questions about its practices and relationships. Few sites cover the finance sector from an investigative journalism perspective and the articles, mostly written by Pam, are filled with compelling and underreported facts. This makes me forgive the rather 90s retro design scheme of the site.

Reveal News

This site is an ongoing project of the northern California- based Center for Investigative Reporting, which has been around since the late 70s. With a significantly sized staff consisting of news reporters, podcasters and video makers, Reveal News focuses squarely on investigative reporting at the federal level. Not a place to go for the latest op-ed, but a good source for understanding the details of how Washington policy is playing out on the ground.

Naked Capitalism

Another popular economics-focused site, founded, run and written by financial analyst Susan Webber (writing under a pen name, Yves Smith) Naked Capitalism looks at national and international politics through the vantage point of economics and from a progressive perspective. The site features work from many guest writers, including well-known indy journalist Matt Stoller.

Liberation News

This is an English/Spanish news site with an explicitly socialist point of view that mainly covers U.S. news and politics from a pro-worker perspective. It’s difficult to get in-depth news about strikes and other worker-related topics, so it can be worth wading into some ideologically strident publications to get this type of info. Pretty good pub.

Novara Media

Founded by writer Aaron Bastani and video-maker James Butler, Novara is a fully staffed left-oriented publication based in London that focuses on capitalism, racism and climate change from an internationalist perspective. The site is notable for strong, historically informed analysis and a writing staff diverse across gender, nationality and race. Novara is also rich in content, with multiple podcasts and video segments adding depth to the written articles that underpin the site.

Popular Resistance

Started properly in 2013 and largely driven by longtime peace activists Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance is an unabashedly movement-driven publication that offers original in-depth articles analyzing current events, republishing from other political sites, podcasts and video programs (such as Eleanor Goldfield’s “Act Out!”), and instructional content on peaceful mass movement building. Some very good analysis to be found here.


A nonprofit media organization associated with the Occupy movement from 2011, Occupy.com offers a variety of independently written articles and curated work from other sites, focusing on economic justice, politics, the environment and organizing. The site also hosts video programs (such as Eleanor Goldfield’s “Act Out!”) and numerous podcasts.

Strategic Culture Foundation

An independent journal founded in 2005 and dedicated to covering Eurasian and global affairs. Most analysis comes from a multipolar-supporting anti-empire perspective. Come here for in-depth geopolitical analysis from a small editorial staff and a wide variety of contributing writers.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs is a left-liberal print and online magazine edited by Nathan Robinson. The publication focuses on national political and cultural issues. They tend to cover topics in a nuanced way, examining things such as whether companies that harm the climate should be legally liable, or whether the justice system is the proper first resort for dealing with truancy. Articles are written in sober traditional journalistic styles. While this can be less than scintillating to read, Current Affairs explores issues deeply and factually. Worth your time.

The Anti Media

A non-partisan anti-establishment news organization and content aggregator founded by Nick Bernabe and edited by popular YouTuber Cary Wedler, Anti Media focuses mostly on U.S. news and opinion. They also have a variety of audio programs to choose from. Fun site.


Billed as “real news for the working class”, GritPost is a headline-driven news site that covers issues like student debt, the economy, healthcare, the environment and the justice system. A good place to go for quick news stories, but not an outlet for in-depth political analysis.

The Canary

The Canary is a fully staffed independent publication edited by well-known British political blogger Kerry-anne Mendoza. The site focuses on U.S., U.K. and global news and opinion from a left progressive perspective. There’s a lot of good stuff here.


A Detroit-based independent publication that grew out of a blog stated by writer and current editor Phillip Weiss, Mondoweiss covers the relationship between the U.S., Israel and Palestine through the lens of support for Palestinian rights. A rare publication coming out of the progressive Jewish community in America. Worth reviewing.

American Herald Tribune

An independent online newspaper that covers news and politics from around the world, the site also offers a variety of opinion columns, plus sections on history, religion and youth. Politically, the American Herald Tribune runs the gamut from libertarian on the right to socialist on the left. With an international crew of writers and professors, come here to find essays from Paul Craig Roberts, Eric Margolis, Caitlin Johnstone, Danny Haiphong, Marwa Osman and others. Strong analysis across the political spectrum.


One of the interesting things about English-language publications is that the ones that have the most international sensibility tend to come from the far left end of the spectrum. Marxist.com is a detailed publication that covers political theory, worker actions across the world and current global political, environmental, technology and other issues. If you’re not scared off by Marxist analysis, you can learn a lot from this site.

The Voltaire Network

Started by French intellectual Thierry Meyssan and based in Lebanon, the Voltaire Network offers in-depth essays and articles from an array of international scholars and journalists, largely focusing on international relations. Analytical and left-oriented, this has proven to be a very interesting and informative site.

Inside Climate News

Founded in 2007 by veteran public interest journalist David Sassoon (and now edited by Stacy Feldman), Inside Climate News won a Pulitzer Prize for their investigative work that exposed Exxon for having known about global warming all the way back in the 70s and 80s. The site provides in-depth government watchdogging, reporting and analysis of environmental, climate, and energy issues. Recommended.

Green Social Thought

This is a St. Louis-based publication that sees the survivability of the ecosphere as being at the center of our social, political, and cultural life. As such, much of the essays and analyses found here are detailed and sometimes brutal (in a good way). Operated by a collective of writers, including the author Stan Cox, the site also features the work of environmental journalist and frequent Counterpunch contributor Robert Hunziker. Powerful work to be found here.

Peak Prosperity

Peak Prosperity is a climate change education and consulting organization founded by scientist, economic researcher and futurist Chris Martenson. The organization is known for its creation of what they call the Crash Course on how individuals and their families can respond to climate change (in advance of more large-scale systemic solutions). Peak Prosperity’s blog, written mainly by Martenson, offers compelling climate analysis, routinely bringing science and ecology together with economics and political/cultural commentary. Worth bookmarking.

Web of Debt

This is a economics/political blog, a vehicle for finance professional, author and progressive economist Ellen Brown, who has become one of the U.S.’s most vocal advocates for publicly owned banks. In addition to in-depth articles, the site also features Ellen Brown’s regular radio show. Recommended.

Consent Factory

Largely a vehicle for the political essays of satirist CJ Hopkins, Consent Factory dismantles media propaganda and covers issues related to mass movements and political change away from neoliberalism. Fun, thought-provoking stuff.


Shadowproof is an activist-oriented publication edited by Kevin Gosztola that focuses on environmental justice issues, prison reform, and national politics. In-depth articles and podcasts/videos focus in on the details around politics and policy. It’s an interesting publication that seems to be trying to build a diverse set of writers and other content creators. Independent Lebanese-American journalist Rania Khalek is a frequent contributor/podcaster.


This is a publication with a social justice slant and a particular focus on climate change and citizen action (with limited articles on empire and geopolitics). Here you’ll find in-depth pieces on the climate crisis and articles by well-known peace activists such as Kevin Zeese.

Gods and Radicals & A Beautiful Resistance

Gods&Radicals Press is an online magazine and publishing company created by Seattle-based writer Rhyd Wildermuth. Gods and Radicals has rapidly become a hub for self-identified Pagan, anti-capitalist political thinkers and activists, focusing on work that analyzes capitalism from a global perspective, while also looking at U.S. politics, spiritual issues, political theory and anti-capitalist activism. Featuring a regularly updated podcast and offering a home to popular UK-based anti-capitalist YouTube program Angie Speaks, Gods and Radicals is a good place to go for strong writing on systemic issues.

ROAR Magazine

This is an online publication and quarterly print journal founded in 2011 by London-based scholar-activist Jerome Roos. ROAR considers itself to be an activist journal that looks at the crisis of late-stage capitalism and covers efforts around the globe to build popular movements and societal self-organization. Featuring in-depth essays & blogs, videos and podcasts, this is a rich site for intelligent content that challenges current capitalism and looks for examples of how a better world can be created.

Liberty Blitzkrieg

A vehicle for the writing of former financial analyst — now left libertarian — Michael Krieger, a sometimes guest on Zero Hedge (yes, his site name is a bit cringe-worthy). Liberty Blitzkrieg finds Michael focusing on the economy, the financial system and geopolitics. Krieger brings an interesting financial insider’s perspective to his work as a journalist. Worth keeping tabs on.

Latino Rebels

Part of the larger independent media company Futuro Media, which produces radio show Latino USA and a lot of other media, Latino Rebels is a solid mainstream left outlet that covers issues related to Mexico, Central and South America, and the experience of people from these regions who currently live in the United States. Often publishes the work of The Nation contributor and independent journalist Roberto Lovato.

Venezuela Analysis

Founded in 2003 by former TeleSUR English TV producer and current Real News contributor Gregory Wilpert as well as journalist Martin Sanchez, Venezuela Analysis is a pro-Bolivarian progressive site that produces original news content and curates pre-existing content from other media outlets specifically about Venezuela. An excellent resource for looking outside of U.S. corporate news propaganda about the country.

Brasil Wire

This is a progressive English language site that produces written articles, videos and podcasts about Brazil, its culture, social movements and politics. Very helpful for getting a better understanding of what’s happening in one of South America’s most powerful countries.


With both a print and online edition, Alborado Magazine offers a progressive take on news and politics around all of Latin America. They publish original articles and also reprint the work of other journalists and analysts, including Aaron Bastani of Novara Media. Interesting site, worth keeping up with.

Mideast Shuffle

A vehicle for the independent journalist Sharmine Narwani, Mideast Shuffle looks at the region of the Middle East and the countries that it comprise it through the vantage point of transition from U.S. hegemony to an as yet undetermined and contested multipolar reality. Although the blog is not updated frequently, Narwani’s articles are very insightful.

Middle East Monitor

Using a variety of on-the-ground reporters, staff and partner content sites, Middle East Monitor looks at world news and politics through the lens of its impact on Palestine and the greater Middle East. A wide-ranging and informative international publication.

Middle East Eye

An ambitious and relatively new site that covers all of the Middle East by pulling in writers, analysts and scholars from across the political spectrum. This is a helpful site to visit for getting a holistic sense of what’s going on in the region, from the broad to the specific. They even have special sections on the Yemen War, unrest in Sudan, and U.S. politics. Very good site.

Eurasia Future

Both a think tank and a global policy analysis publication, Eurasia Future offers in-depth pieces on Asia, the Middle East, Africa and U.S. involvement in those regions of the world. Very thoughtful, scholarly publication. There’s also a special section for an ongoing series about tribalism in the nation state, which is very interesting. Worth bookmarking.

The Unz Review

Published by physicist, public policy professional and former publisher of the American Conservative, Ron Unz, this site largely curates work from established but outside-the-mainstream scholars, economists and journalists, ranging in perspective from left progressive to right libertarian. It’s not every day you find a site where Patrick Buchanan sits next to Patrick Cockburn, so definitely worth a look. Here, you’ll also often find the excellent work of left-leaning economist Mike Whitney, who also has a great backlog of work to be found in Counterpunch.

Foreign Policy Journal

Founded by Jeremy R. Hammond (not to be confused with the jailed hacktivist Jeremy Hammond), Foreign Policy Journal is an internationally focused publication, covering world news and analyzing politics and culture from an anti-empire perspective. The site routinely publishes the work of libertarian-leaning former U.S. Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts as well as peace activist and writer David Swanson, as well as journalist/author Ramzy Baroud. Excellent site.

Open Secrets (a project of the Center for Responsive Politics)

Open Secrets has quickly become a go-to site for in-depth information about where politicians get their funding, as well for original articles on U.S. domestic politics and international lobbying. Solid news, but even more amazing resources for researchers and journalists.

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As I said, this is hardly a comprehensive directory so please use the comments section to alert me to other outlets, especially English language publications about Africa, of which I’m wholly ignorant.

Soon to follow will be directories about individual independent journalists and writers, and independent video channels and podcasts.

There is a whole world outside of the mainstream corporate propaganda outlets. Let’s nurture that world!

Thanks for reading.