The act-aware protocol.

  • Beware of countries who are economically rich and socially draconian.
  • Beware of corporations which make heartbreaking ad campaigns but support the weapons’ industry.
  • Beware of products which have attractive offers but escape taxes to the government.
  • Beware of food which tastes good but harms the environment.
  • Beware of leaders who sanction billion-dollar projects but turn a blind eye to the increasing the wealth gap.
  • Beware of the car which boosts the ego but has a high carbon footprint
  • Beware of the phone which during it’s manufacturing cycle involved rampant violation of labour and human rights.
  • Beware of the artist whose songs are fun to dance to but has a history of writing songs which glorified violence against women.

Consciously taking care of the above might be a pain but sparing a thought for those adversely affected makes it easier.

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