Choosing Between Commerce and Science

Yeah…done with your 10th board exams? I understand how relaxed you all might be feeling now. A blend of feelings has occupied your mind and your brain makes you nervous by thinking that here’s the end of your school life. But at the next moment, your heart reminds you that now you will enter the college life and then you just can’t wait for that. Your really long summer vacation is also completely occupied with the huge to-do list of a number of plans that you have jotted down even before your exams. Some may have planned for a tour to a new place or to a relative, the sport geeks may have planned for their whole day practice on grounds, the more studious ones may have planned to pursue a particular crash course, and others may have planned to maintain their hobby. This way, your whole day schedule has been, or may be yet to be for some, prepared and you are all set to jump for them.

While there is no other opinion that yes, the 10th pass out students require recreation, it should not be like that the whole summer vacation is been passed without a single thought about your future career. Yes, your decision to pursue a particular course after 10th will shape your career and your future life. Just like a particular course will play an important role, a particular college too is crucial in shaping your future. For those, who have decided to go for junior college and opt 11th, have to decide among the three streams, arts, science and commerce. There are a lot of junior colleges in Pune. However, S. B. Patil College of Science and Commerce is among the top junior colleges in Pune.

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