Jr. College, Is It Really a Start-Up for Your Carrier???

This two-year education stage is very important because for about half of those entering this stage of education, it represents the terminal point of formal schooling for them, not the terminal point of education because learning is a lifelong process. But quantitatively, the numbers involved for those who may not continue their schooling continuously after this higher secondary stage, is high and impressive. The learning experience at this point of stage of education becomes important for their living and decisive for their living profitable lives.

The higher secondary education stage also derives its uniqueness in human terms because it is dealing with the human at a period of transition from infancy to teenage. More than any other period in life, it is at this period where character begins to be formed. There are many facets of the human personality at its formative stage that the higher secondary stage must promote.

After completing primary and elementary education when students enter in to a secondary and senior secondary level like the junior college in Pune, they start thinking in terms of their future carriers. With availability of modern tools of information technology like internet facility etc, students already acquire the knowledge of ongoing demand of industries, businesses, technologies and other fields with enough awareness. They start evaluating the future employment scenarios with respect to ready employment as soon as they pass a particular professional course. Awareness is again not a sole criteria in the decision making by the students with regard to the field they wish to enter after senior secondary level but other than awareness factors like interest of a student, family income group, urban/rural background, school atmosphere, are some of the other factors which play an important role in deciding future career of students.

Every company or industry requires perfection in particular abilities and types of work. It is impossible to master majority of these skills if one has not obtained secondary education in his or her life. This fact not only implies in the case of an individual who seeks employment but also in case of understanding the complication of life and the issues which surround us.

Yes, it is the duty of an individual to understand the importance of secondary education; but first and foremost, it is the duty of Indian government to make secondary education compulsory in the country and initiatives to enroll and help to get quality education from e.g., Best Science College in Pune. If secondary education is made compulsory and government schools for free secondary education are established, then India as a whole will definitely progress beyond expectations to a level which is never thought off.

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