I AM IN LOVE WITH TECHNOLOGY — says the digital transformer Biswajit Singh who happens to be the founder CEO of SBR Technologies

Meet Mr. Biswajit Singh the software architect and digital transformer, playing a keyrole in helping businesses reach their Digital destination

Biswajit has designed solutions for WLI 8 applications consisting of messaging designs using ebXML 2.0, XML design, Monitoring Service level agreements, End-to-End logging design, MIS, backend integration over JMS, Message tracking and resubmissions, Nearline messaging stores, WLI/Cyclone High availability and various other enhancements.

Also Mr Singh designed for ZXTM (Zeus eXensible Traffic Manager) for enhanced security.

Biswajit’s works have been praised by clients like Cyclone Commerce, BEA System, (now merged with Oracle Corporation), Axway to name a few.

Biswajit’s strategies has been subsequently implemented for,

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Management of customers with CPA (Collaboration Protocol Agreement)
  • Scalability (multiple clusters of Cyclone Interchange), Performance Capacity management.
  • Functional and non-functional testing. Test automation
  • Reusable B2B frameworks across multiple BT gateways.
  • Migration of gateways
  • Automation of service delivery

Over the last ten years, Biswajit Singh has built Two digital innovation ventures-SBR Technologies Pvt Ltd and Digital Marketing Lab to help Businesses achieve Speed, Efficiency & Flexibility.

SBR Technologies now stands as the preferred technology strategic
partner providing businesses with the team extension approach to their
Mobile App, Enterprise Application, software testing, Security, Cloud
and Microsoft Consulting needs.