36 Hours in a Beautiful 6 Minute Video

In their series “36 Hours,” New York Times profiled what visitors could do if they had 36 hours in San Francisco.

The video was beautiful. There were a lot of different camera angles. If the videographer was highlighting a specific place, they would do a wide shot of the exterior of the place, a medium shot of the interior, and then a close up of an interview with someone about the place or San Francisco in general.

The interviews are interesting. You watch the person talk for only a little bit and then the video moves onto b-roll footage of examples of what they are talking about.

For the sound, there are a lot of natural sounds; cars honking on the road, restaurant sounds like fire or patrons talking, and the ocean. Over the entire video there is a welcoming and upbeat song that makes the video fun to watch and makes San Francisco seem fun to go to.