How Social Media Has Changed The Way We Communicate And See Ourselves

By: Shadya Brown-Hall

I remember a time when people would gather together and talk. I mean really talk. I mean look each other in the eyes and talk. I remember when neighbors where neighbors and people would go over for BBQ’s and kid’s would play outside until the sun went down. Yes! For the past two decades as social networking has come into play people have been finding new and innovative ways to keep in touch. With messaging and video chatting the possibilities are endless. We tend to get excited whenever we see a familiar face of a loved one or friend and that’s ok.

But, with all the endless ways we are able to communicate with each other there’s a downside to all of this. Teens and young adults today seem to be addicted to having alot of followers and likes and if they don’t get as much attention they get depressed. There’s an amazing documentary film on Netflix called Social Animals.

The film follows six young people as they tell their story about how social media is a way for them to express themselves and to show the world who they are. It’s really interesting so if you haven’t seen the film than I highly recommend it. Expressing yourself online is fine but, with everything we see that is posted. Plastered. Tweeted and Snapped is not all that it is. Most people only show the “highlight reals" to make their lives seem more exciting than they really are. They want so badly to up their social media game that they’ll go through great lengths to take a picture or to have the best Insta story.

What has happened to us as a society? I ask myself that question sometimes and even though I too use social media to keep in touch with people in my life I no longer use it as a way to compare my life to someone else’s life because really in ten year’s from now none of this will matter.

It want matter if you had the most friends on Facebook or if your Instagram was aesthetic enough. It want matter if your body looks just like the girl you saw modeling the swimsuit you like. It want matter what your relationship status says on your profile page and it want matter how many streaks you have on Snapchat.

Yes! We can all agree that social media has changed the way we communicate alot but, with that being said we can all now today make an even better change by teaching the next generation on how face to face conversations and that loving themselves just the way they are is what’s mostly importan.



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