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So I’m bad at chess.

My dad taught me when I was young, but I guess he was one of those dads who always let their kid win. To compensate for this lack of skill in one of the world’s most popular games, I did what any data science lover would do: build an AI to beat the people I couldn’t beat. Unfortunately, it isn’t nearly as good as AlphaZero (or even the average player). …

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When I was a child, my family moved around a lot. For this reason, my parents were constantly thinking about finding the right neighbourhood to live in. There are several elements that impacted the decision, but for worried parents, there’s one dominant factor: a good school.

Fraser Institute is a Canadian research and educational organization that publishes yearly ratings of schools in Canada. These ratings are based upon average performance on Ontario’s standardized assessment, the EQAO.

In this data science project, we will analyze school performance data in Toronto as a function of income, location, school board, and whether the…

Sayon Bhattacharjee

Machine Learning Enthusiast. In love with — Python, data, and AI.

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