Big Data Metaphors We Live By

“…analogy is anything but a bitty blip — rather, it’s the very blue that fills the whole sky of cognition — analogy is everything, or very nearly so, in my view” — Douglas Hofstadter (“Analogy as the core of cognition.” The analogical mind: Perspectives from cognitive science (2001): 499–538)

In their seminal book, Metaphors We Live By, George Lakoff and Mark Johnson argued that metaphors have cognitive implications, they aren’t mere idioms. Among other things, they map across domains enabling us to think of the source domain in terms of the target. In this thought piece, we reflect on the metaphors that are dominating current popular discourse about “Big Data”, and the not-so-obvious dangers they bring.

A joint reflection with Kailash Awati, which he’s hosting…

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