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Television & Film
Bi The Numbers: GLAAD’s Where We Are On TV Report
The numbers are in! GLAAD’s Where We Are On TV report shines an annual light on queer characters making big waves on the small screen.

NEW! The Year 2017 in Bi TV
After last year’s Bury Your Queers avalanche, it’s refreshing to see so many returning faces.

The Year 2016 in Bi TV 
While 2016 was a mixed bag of bi representation on the small screen, there were many engaging, delightful, and intriguing characters to keep audiences tuning in.

Missing Annalise Keating? Our Favorite Bi Characters You Can Stream Right Now
Missing your most-loved bi characters while they’re on summer break? These are some of my favorite bi characters available with subscription right now!

The Unicorn Scale: Imagine Me & You
And we follow genuinely, at times surprisingly likable characters struggling with the difference between what they should do and what they will.

Hey Hollywood: Beam Me Up for Bi Sulu!
There’s no need to talk about how time isn’t linear because the simple truth is that sexuality isn’t binary.

Society, Gender, & Sexuality
How Fetal Burial Laws Govern Pregnancy Loss Grief
This is the repurposing of our trauma; this is the governing of our grief. The Establishment

How I Kept My Birth Name Without Losing My Mind (Mostly)
When you get engaged, the world around you does not change. But new aspects of privilege and presumption become magnified.

Study Shows Benefits of Coming Out Bi
I recently had the opportunity to speak with Brownfield about the results of the study, where she looks at how bi people “grow pride in bi identity” and “what that pride looks like.”

The Biphobia Just Outside
Over the years I’ve had many experiences with “LGBT rights” organizations reaching out with requests in one hand while erasing my community membership with the other.

A Feminist Primer for Bi Men
From the start we’re given bows or arrows, trucks or ballet slippers, hugs or “stiff upper lips”. This leads to a lifetime of inequality, both in how we see the world and how others see us.

Six Ways to Be Visible for Bi Visibility Day
There are so many puns y’all. Give joy, SHARE THEM ALL.

Family & Relationships
This Bi Life: My Monogamous Marriage
People see who I love and assume who I am.

Queer Self & Community Care
Dear You: A New Year’s Love Letter
Let’s take a moment to acknowledge all we choose to keep and all we hope to shed as we walk forward into a new year.

Self Care for Bi People Part One: Acknowledging the Barriers
It’s revolutionary for us to love ourselves without conditions, to take care of ourselves without guilt. And there shouldn’t be any guilt in self care.

Self Care for Bi People Part Two: Taking the Care You Need
You are so worth it.

SB Swartz


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