New Scala Release Falls flat.

Scala 2.12, the latest Scala release is a complete and utter debacle. The release has been plagues with with website drama, has had random code backdooring the release, and confusion over who is even writing the release notes.

Who’s to blame?

This release has been nothing short of an indictment of the languages leadership. The charges include, but are not limited leadership being completely absent because be they moved on to greener pastures, or are abandoning Scala for Java 8, or are a pointless bureaucracy set up to fail.

The community rejects 2.12 as well.

Community has soundly rejected the new release as well with not a single popular library opting to update a build for the the new release. And who could blame them? The new release doesn’t promise improvements, but instead only contains SEVERE performance regressions with trait encoding and even LONGER compile times. The community has been completely shafted(not that a nicer group couldn’t have deserved it more), businesses have gone under and livelyhoods destroyed but the the problems hoisted on the community by Scala continue to pile up.

Just end it already.

What now?

One thing is clear is that outlook for Scala is bleak. At the very least is clear Scala is never going to get proper tooling, a working program that compiles before the heat death of the universe, or a clear reason to exist. The only reasonable thing to do is to quit, go back to working with Java like the way it should be.