A New Way To Travel, Momento

Leaving your mark on the world

Simon Budker @ UC Berkeley
4 min readAug 10, 2017


Getting a chance to travel is always another story. Whether it is a simple drive to a new restaurant in the city, a day hike for a stunning view, or an exotic vacation across the globe, each destination has its own special moments. These trips are all different, and from each one you are more than likely to leave with a lasting memory.

As application designers, we set out to find the common thread between successful trips, to see what makes the seemingly mundane special. In searching for the answer to this question, we interviewed and studied a large range of travelers and combed through design research. We eventually landed on a core insight: mementos stem from the journey, not the destination.

Yet, this observation alone is not enough. We all take trips to get to school, work, and home, so why don't these trips last with us forever? We believe that what sets apart your lasting memories from those that are forgotten is rarity. You go to work every day, but a ski trip to the Swiss Alps is a singular occasion.

Keeping these newfound principles in mind, we set out to find a traveling solution for documenting the journey without disrupting the experience. Momento, a new app to leverage how we establish, save, and savor our traveling memories, was created.


Application Overview

At its core, Momento is a traveling documentation app designed to make travel more memorable. Users are limited in the number of digital footprints they can leave behind, forcing them to carefully select the highlights of their journey.

We focus on continuing the moment to make the interaction minimally disruptive for the on-the-go traveler. With a simple drag of your logo, you have left your print. Not only is leaving a mark simple and non-disruptive, it is also personal. Each user has the ability to design and create a mark that they feel uniquely represents them.

While Momento is mainly a personal application, its social component allows for connections with those you care about in an embodied way. When you stumble upon a friend’s mark, you get a chance to stand in the very same spot that someone you know found to be special and worthy of their mark.

In addition to making trip documentation more fluid, Momento is a platform to relive trips in new, imaginative ways. Using smart filters, the application sorts through your marks, grouping them in a logical form — trips. With a trip in mind, you are able visualize your selection of mark data to see a list of unique statistics that most might never consider.

Concept Video

Looking Forward

As we move forward with Memento, we will continue to iterate on our central concept and design. We plan to expand all mark customization so that users can truly create the mark that represents them. Additionally, we hope to add more trip visualizations to the application. While our app is easy to document with, it also collects a large amount of trip data, which we hope to present in thought-provoking ways.

Momento is a project as part of User Interface Design and Development (CS160), Summer 2017 at UC Berkeley