You’ve all heard the sayings.

Love is hard work“.

Relationships aren’t easy”

“It’s impossible to make a woman happy”

And the list goes on…

While there is certainly some truth to the above adages, the cold hard reality is that most people simply don’t understand how to find the right partner or know what to do once they’ve “got” them.

Although I’ve never been married, I have spent a significant amount of time and effort investing in different relationships, meeting all sorts of unique women, and having a wide variety of experiences with the fairer sex. …

Looking to introduce that vintage wine collection with style?

Efficient and elegant wrought iron wine cellar doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors are perfect for adding to the aesthetic of a cellar and functionally protecting a true wine lovers' age-old collection.

If stored improperly, a bottle of fine wine can easily lose its value. A custom wine cellar door does not only impress guests but adds value and elegance to a homes interior space — wine cellar door’s are necessary to ensure all storage conditions are maintained in a climate-controlled wine room.

Here’s a history lesson.

The first recorded history of doors was found in Egyptian tomb paintings 4000 years ago. No one knows who invented the door, only that it was first incepted somewhere in central Egypt. In agent Egyptian architecture, a false door was a wall decoration that looked like a window, it was common in tombs and represented a gate to the afterlife.

In Biblical times, King King Solomon’s temple doors were made of Olive-wood, as were many doors of the past. …

If you were an actor, what type of conversations would you have in front of your door? More importantly, how would your door look on the screen as the camera wheels are turning.

If you think about it, a home door is extremely important for “setting the scene”. It’s the first thing you see when you enter the home and the last thing you see when you leave.

In the world of cinema, doors can represent an unlimited amount of things depending on the context. A door serves as a point of welcoming, or as a barrier for protection, a…

It is our constitutional right to protest peacefully. We protest to bring to light issues and injustices, unite people, and speed action for change. Protests spark the flame of any movement and are a necessary means to shift the thinking and action of the masses.

Specifically, protests within universities can be effective in achieving social change, if executed correctly.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King were both excellent examples of individuals who achieved positive social change with nonviolent public displays of protest. Alongside spirited debate and speech, King’s nonviolent methods succeeded in ending the apartheid, and Gandhi led his people to…

Web designers, like artists, are all given a blank canvas.

Our task is to use to that space to cause excitement and appeal, create symmetry, entice the eye, and convey a message where there was none. There are certain aesthetics and techniques in this field that need to be utilized for successful visual communication.

Just like the elements of art, the elements of design are similar. Space, dot, line, shape, form, texture, pattern, and color are all elements that can be combined to create a visual display that creates an intended message to the viewer. There are many techniques that…

A writer has to experience things twice.

The first time is the real deal, it’s organic, unprompted and genuine, the camera wheels are turning as you’re spotlighted in the acting role of your life.

The second time around, the memory is not always from retrospect. Sometimes…it’s a tearing open of a wound. Whether an experience was of joy or grief. Elation or pain. Immobility in life, extreme growth— for a writer to access and record memories or moments in life accurately, we pick at the seems.

To explain this process I’ll compare my process as a writer through an injury…

Undeserving begets undeserving.

The cycle should stop, but cannot flourish in an uncertain and worried mind, a damaged heart. There is always the oppurtunity for love to be placed in the right hands and move in the right direction. Love is all it takes, if only we attempt to love perfectly.

I met a woman who sought me out by emotions and spiritual guidance years ago. Through a simple picture, she knew she would need to meet me. Somehow this was spectacular and frightening to me, and I allowed things to go where they may.

Years down the road, with…


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