My Life

I was born on February 21, 2000. When I was in 1st grade I broke my index and middle finger when my brother hit them with a bat. In 3rd grade I started to play football. Freshman year I quit football to go join rugby. Things I like to do in my free time are listen to music, play video games, and watch hurling, rugby, hockey, and college football. In 2010 my family and I took 3 week vacation to 10 different states (Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada). I work at caffe bene in Glenview and over the summer I was a janitor at Indian Grove school.

This song matters to me because it is my favorite song on the first album I listened to. It’s a really good song and reminds me of when I was a little kid.

People who inspire me

  1. Bobby Orr- Booby Orr inspires me because he would play through injuries no matter how bad and was the greatest hockey player of all time.

2. Dick Butkus- Dick Butkus inspires me because he was the youngest of nine kids and lived in a small house with not a lot of money and he didn’t stop trying and made something out of nothing.

3. Jonathan Towes- Jonathan Towes inspires me because he is a great leader and lead the Blackhawks to 3 Stanley cups and 7 straight playoff appearances

Dream of mine

One dream of mine is to visit Ireland and meet family I have never seen before. Also I would like to see Tipperary and Kilkenny Hurling match.

I chose this image because all Americans are free we have many more opportunities than other places around the world.
chose this image because there are a lot of hard working Americans who push to get better lives.
I chose this image because there is a lot of violence in America. There are a lot of problems with people killing, raiding, rioting.
Last night at 9 I was playing. Overwater with friends
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