It is For a Time like this that you were made

I was checking my instagram the other day looking at people's lives, happy couples, celebrites, selfies,
exquisite travel locations you name it. Then I came across something, a quote by one of my favorite celebrities
Desiree Siegfield, she said this verse in the book of ester chapter 4 verse 14 gave her strength and courage 
"It is for a time like this that you were made".

It just seemed like exactly what i’d been looking for, exactly what I wanted to hear, and so i decided to read this chapter and try to share with everyone my views on this passage.

When Haman a prime minister for King Xerxes in the 
Kingdom of Persia decided to have the jews killed because one man mordecai (Ester’s Father) would not bow down to him. Mordecai wrote a letter to Queen Ester pleading for her to ask the King to spare the Jews, but no man or woman would be spared by going to speak to the King without being summoned.

Mordecai wrote this to Ester if you remain quiet about this help will come from heaven to save the jews but you, your father and your father’s family will die. Perhaps it is for a time like this that you were made queen!

God never gives us more than we can handle even thou we dont always feel that way. When life gets tough our faith starts to crumble and it becomes difficult to keep on believing when we are constantly faced with challenges coming at us from every other way. We become weary and encoraging words seem like a song that leads to neverland and our pain seems deeper than ever.

If you feel like the pain keeps getting deeper then go deeper with prayer. God is all around us and hes working through people everyday and revealing himself to us everyday.

No matter what you are going through, who you are, where you are, if you call out to God he will hear you. No matter what trials you may be faced with today, know that he will get you through them, for it is for a time like this that you were made.

You go figure for we’ve been moving mountains long before we knew we could!

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