Software was eating the world — now landlords are eating everything

Steven Buss
Aug 22 · 8 min read
Median San Francisco Rent increasing alongside seed rounds
Median San Francisco Rent increasing alongside seed rounds
For data sources, see citations 1, 2, and 3.
By Alfred Twu,

ROI of Action

This isn’t a technology problem

An end to cynicism

YIMBY has already won popular opinion

We have swayed elections, but we need to win more

How can we fix San Francisco

1. Get pro-housing and pro-tech people on the DCCC.

3. Join or Donate to YIMBY Action

4. Donate to re-election campaigns of pro-housing electeds

5. Volunteer

6. Share

Let’s go

Thanks to Keith Mosher and Morgan Elizabeth T'Felt

Steven Buss

Written by

YIMBY Neoliberal lead, YIMBY Action Board Member, Software Engineer, A little too obsessed with land use policy

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