Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

This author is so disillusioned by the establishment it is not even funny! As a Trump supporter I in no way feel I have been given a golden ticket! If intolerance means I am sick and tired of a government that wants to take away my rights, impose more and more rules and regulations to repress my rights. Giving preference to those who have not earned it and telling me how I can think, then I guess I am guilty.

The way I see it is people like this author are the real threat. Blind to what is happening to our freedoms, blind to the idea that Hillary is not the biggest mistake in the history of this country! Not to leave out being blind to the threat that allowing these refugees into this country without properly vetting them and calling anyone who is scared to death what is already happening Islamophobes.

Wake up Abby, we do not live in the utopia you so blindly think we do. The very people that you seem to think are the threat, are the very ones that are trying to defeat the evil that is trying to destroy your very right to write this abomination of an article. I truly wish we lived in the land of lollipops and cotton candy that you so blindly think you live in, but the fact is we dont and we never have and the only thing that has saved us from total destruction are the deplorables that you seem to think are so dangerous!

All you have to do is open your eyes and see what is happening in England, France and many other countries to get a close up look at how their passive attitude about Muslims is destroying their way of life. So feel free to keep your eyes closed and your mind cluttered with the disillusioned idea that you live in such a wonderful country. While you set here and spew out this rhetoric on things you clearly have no clue about. The fact is the real threat to this country are ignorant people like you that have let yourself blindly be manipulated.

Is Trump perfect? Not a chance, but given the alternative at least we will have someone in office that can see the threats that will destroy us and at least try to prevent it. In your world you better start converting to the Muslim religion, because for those people there is no other religion accepted and if you wont convert, YOU WILL DIE and THEY are who you should be worried about!

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