The Damage Is Too Damn High or Achieving the Perfect Balance
Arthur Mostovoy

While math is hard, developers seem to forget most players (not the 1% cash whales, they seem to only listen to) just want the game to be fun, and don’t care about so much as to the how, only the ‘why’.

Why are close fighting robots (unless you buy a Lancelot, imagine that) almost worthless, why are lvl 2 Geps with lvl 9 EP Mags piloted by vets allowed to devastate new players in low level games, to the point they quit?

I continually point new players to this game, only to have them burn out on the grind because the lower tiers are full of level 30 shitlords trying to farm gold, I’ve had multiple people quit saying ‘why would I bother?’ instead of ‘hey it’s only $5 to buy X weapons, I’m going to try that.’

I assume this is not the outcome you are striving for (then again…).

Your mathematical conundrum is as old as time to video games, your seemingly indifference to new players, and your absurd pricing model for a mobile game, the fact that we’ll get probably 3 or 4 new gold robots/weapons, before we get any new maps/game modes or silver/workshop ones, is speaking more loudly than these ‘meta is hard’ posts.

With respect, you have a game that is already better than some PC based stompy robot games (I won’t name names to protect their continual embarrassment), but good god, stop with the WoT ’gold is god’ model, trust in your product, level the playing field and pretend you care about your players and not trying to sell $20 Tarans (but, it’s a sale…).

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