TripAdvisor Concept: Advise me for a wise trip

Nowadays most youngsters love to make a self-service tour. They to organize a trip by using all kinds of Travel Apps, such as Expedia, Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Though TripAdvisor allows users to plan the trip on its App, users still seldom use the Mobile App version and planner feature because:

1. Not efficient to gather and compare information.

2. Not convenient to make a plan on the phone.

Current Version of TripAdvisor App (plan a trip)

TripAdvisor App Can Do More for You

My hypothesis was: If the App version could help users plan their trip efficiently, they would love to use the App version. Therefore, I discovered how they used TripAdvisor and how they planned a trip.

Understanding Travelers’ Habits

User Research

From 46 survey responses and 8 user interviews, I found insight from the travelers’ behaviors and thoughts:

Two types of Travelers:

  1. Think throughly and like everything to be cut and dried before the trip.
  2. Prefer quick and loose outlines during the trip which is easier to make a change later.

General behaviors:

  1. Would love to read travel guides, popular reviews or recommendations as references.
  2. Need balance with Reviews, Time duration, Budget and Means of Transportation for the decision.

TripAdvisor is:

  1. Best for “Thing to do”. (“TripAdvisor is for making an outline of the places I want to visit and ideas for things I want to do.”)
  2. Worthy-trusting in reviews. (“Reviews are the most valuable thing.”)

Market Research

By competitive analyzing, I investigated the attraction section in Lonely Planet and Expedia. Besides each attraction information provided, they also have a tour collection by grouping attractions.

Lonely Planet: the editorial based contents’ collection helps users get to know the place.

Expedia: a third-party proxy offers the completed tour package.

Digging into the Problem and Providing a Solution


After going through the storyboard and journey map, I found three main pain points when planning a trip: Search Information, make a decision and head to the destination.

BrainStorm session

Grouping ideas By Affinity diagram

I recruited two other people to attend this brainstorm session and we voted for top 3 ideas. After sketching these ideas and testing by an interactive paper prototype, I finalized my design of the new feature.

Sketches and Paper prototype

My solution: TripAdvisor App could offer a collection of interactive trip templates in “Things to do”.

Each trip template designs for different preference and is able to upload into “My Trips” in the TripAdvisor. It also can be customized.

Each original template will include:

  1. Brief introduction, Estimated tour time, Budget, Means of transportation and Rating
  2. Interactive Map matching with each attraction
  3. List of attractions in timeline.
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