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If the Cavs can’t find a way to trade for PG13 then they’re left with 2 options:

  1. Try and compete with the roster they have + whichever role players they bring in or cycle out
  2. Blow it up and hit the reset button sooner rather than later

Of the two options they’re likely to choose the first but if they want to win another championship in the next decade then selling assets while they still have them is the better move — yes, this includes LeBron. Here’s a path they could take:

  • Trade LeBron to Boston: This would likely net them at least a Brooklyn pick and solid players including some of Avery Bradley, Isaiah Thomas, and Jae Crowder. Other options in Boston include promising upside players like Tatum and a plethora of picks. The Celtics could then sign Hayward and would present a formidable challenge to any other team in the league while remaining conscious of their desire to continue building for the future.
  • Trade Kyrie to Phoenix: Irving has been connected to the Suns in rumors already this off-season, and if the Cavs could get Bledsoe and a pick they’d be well served.
  • Trade Kevin Love to…the Nuggets?: Love admittedly hasn’t had many suitors recently, but he’s been connected to the Denver and if Cleveland could get a pick and a solid player like Faried then they should pull the trigger.
  • If any team is willing to trade draft picks, the Cavaliers should listen and grab as many as possible.

Rebuilding early would be painful for Cavs fans, but with little hope of a championship next year and LeBron expected to leave it is the most practical option for the team and could leave them asset rich for the future.

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