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In our last article, we discussed the frontiers on which consumer smart devices are evolving, with the goal of increasing the surveillance resolution they have over individuals.

In this article, we’ll focus on covert consumer surveillance devices — ones that are developed exclusively for the surreptitious surveillance of individuals.

What is A Covert Consumer Surveillance Device?

A covert consumer surveillance device is designed for convenient, surreptitious surveillance and data gathering. …

Biometric Privacy | Entropic

In this article, we’ll discuss the frontiers on which intelligent consumer devices are evolving. Specifically, we’ll detail how corporations, including ones partially owned by governments are pushing the evolution of these devices with the objective of further gathering and curating information about individuals for the purposes of improving their products and services.

The resulting amassment and centralization of this information is a major cyberprivacy time bomb, that will totally eclipse the types of targeted device hacks that we are observing today.

What is Surveillance Resolution?

With an eye towards cyberprivacy, Entropic Labs regularly performs in-depth research on emerging intelligent consumer…

Biometric Privacy | Entropic

In a previous article, we discussed how governments & the private sector are amassing photos of individuals from a diverse array of sources into “facial profiles”, for the purposes of building and tuning better facial recognition systems. A facial profile that consists of one or more raw, unobfuscated photos of an individual, can be used to more dynamically identify an individual under varying conditions, for instance a bystander in a YouTube video or a public CCTV video feed.

Your photos are now a commodity. More than 100 commercial vendors are now providing commercial facial recognition systems…

Cyberprivacy | Entropic

Organizations that provide free and commercial “Have I Been Hacked?” or “Dark Web Scanning” services, including ones established immediately after the announcement of a data breach, can be justified by the best of intentions. Ultimately however, the way that these services amass stolen information from the dark web, and disseminate it to their customers, makes them subject to the same types of problems that have impacted the companies that they collect information about.

By using these services, you might actually be exposing more about yourself, and even raising further attention to your stolen personal information.

Companies affected…

Biometric Privacy | Entropic

While Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and of course the Chinese and US governments tend to get the most media attention these days when it comes to facial recognition, there are actually now more than 100 companies across the globe, along with many academic institutions who are actively engaged in developing and/or selling facial recognition technologies.

If you are tasked with the responsibility of evaluating or implementing some type of facial recognition, then you most likely have heard that the U.S. …

Biometric Privacy | Entropic

In recent years, facial recognition technology has evolved significantly, and is greatly improving the ability to efficiently detect people in still images and video. The improvements in facial recognition, along with increased availability is now empowering more and more uses of the technology across various industries.

A major benefit of facial recognition technology is about improving upon historically established use cases where people needed to be efficiently verified by another person. …

Cyber Privacy | Entropic

Jump ahead to…

When properly configured, AirDrop is a handy and secure way to transfer items between Apple devices, such as URLs, Files, Photos and Notes. A significant advantage of using AirDrop, is that items are transferred directly between devices using a decentralized (P2P) peer-to-peer approach, and don’t go through a central authority.

This means that your fleeting need to transfer a confidential item to someone, or between devices, doesn’t result in a copy being left lying around on an intermediary server somewhere. …

Cyber Privacy | Entropic

Jump ahead to…

Skype was originally pioneered by the Swede Niklas Zennström and the Dane Janus Friis, in cooperation with Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, and Jaan Tallinn, Estonians who developed the backend that was also used in the decentralized file sharing application Kazaa.

Following it’s launch in August 2003, it quickly gained popularity as a secure, decentralized peer-to-peer messaging app. In the following years, Skype was acquired and sold by eBay, and had other key investments from firms including Silver Lake, and Andreessen Horowitz. It was eventually acquired by Microsoft in 2011, for $8.6 billion. …

Cyber Privacy | Entropic

When it comes to having your photo taken by others, for many of us there is a right time and a wrong time.

Some of the reasons why we may not be favorable to having our photo taken at any given time, include our perception of how well presented we are, whether or not we have the energy or mood to present a nice smiling image for the camera, and perhaps other details, such as our current location, since this tends to reveal regular lifestyle habits which we might prefer to keep private.

Celebrities and public…

Infrastructure | Entropic

In previous articles, we have discussed different types of two-factor authentication (2FA) that are offered by Internet and social media companies to provide additional sign-in protection for your account.

The well established SMS-based 2FA option has been the primary choice for thousands of companies, including financial institutions — many of whom appear to be locked in to offering only this one type of 2FA sign-in protection.

Additionally, many of these companies have either forced or are planning to force their customers to migrate to this type of account protection under the assumption that this approach is the…


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