Two Steps Forward

One step back, two steps forward.

It might seem to be a joke but this is my real story. I am closer to my thirties than to my twenties. Just three months ago I left stable work for going back to school, swapped running for cycling, and departed a small town in Europe for an awesome big city in the United States, my own apartment for a shared dorm… and I could continue counting the changes for a while.

Photo: Xaviera Coral

For now the experience is amazing, this is a new world and an exciting opportunity for me. I am studying Visual Effects in SCAD Atlanta, an incredible art and design school. Here I finally have found the guidance to develop my creativity. The resources and the facilities are great, but the
professors and the learning system are even better.

Sometimes I am riding my bike or walking to class, sometimes I am just about to fall asleep or maybe drawing and suddenly I just smile. I smile because I am happy. There is not just one reason but many. I still can’t believe that I am living this.

I don’t know for how long I will be here. For now, on Christmas I am not flying home. I want to dive into the culture, meet interesting people and enjoy the amazing landscapes of this country. And I found a great way to do that. You know what? A twenty-three year old van was waiting for me! Let me explain this. I went to buy a new road bike. After spending a considerable amount of time trying different models and sizes I chose one. After that, joking, my coach told the shop owner that I was also looking for a car. He answered right away that he had one (several actually). And then I said that I was
actually looking for a van, expecting that was going to a dead end. But he had a van! The perfect one, exactly what I was looking for. So I bought it and I plan to travel around for a a few weeks over our winter break. So the next time I write, I will have amazing adventures and experiences to share.

-Elia Valles

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