Why is it so difficult to follow Numerology?

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Since you are reading this article, I am assuming that you are a believer and/or follower of numerology to some extent. Unless, of course, you are a non-believer who had a bad day and is looking for either some fun or a punching bag! ;)

We will break this article in 3 parts:

  1. The consulting
  2. The (non-existent) support system
  3. The solution


How do you get your numerology readings/predictions?

You visit a numerologist, who is either very famous or referred to you by one of your well-wishers. These are the guys (or girls) who converse with you to understand you, your history and your difficulties/troubles. Basically, they get-you and relate to you at emotional level — well most of them, some are just cold professionals. AND most of them charge HUGE money.

Then there are these mobile apps/websites. In addition to taking care of the predictions, they also provide you regular alerts about your days and dates and numbers — all these are either free or come at a fractional cost of what you would pay to the Human Numerologist (no emotional connection though). If you depend too much on technology or are short of cash or are an absolute lazy who wants quick prediction, you will download one of these apps and they will get you up-and-running in minutes, if not seconds.

Quick fun fact: A simple search on Google Play Store for Numerology will give you a list of ~250 apps and you will find similar situation on Apple App Store as well…

Irrespective of which Numerologist you consult — Human or Tech, you are given your favorable/lucky numbers and non-favorable/unlucky numbers. And then there are these “remaining numbers” which are neither, let’s call them neutral numbers. :)

Let’s say you visited a Numerologist and you received your reading/prediction. Congratulations — now you know your numbers..!!!

For the sake of taking this conversation further; let’s assume that your favorable number is (1), your non-favorable numbers are (3 & 6) and all other numbers (2, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9) are your neutral numbers.

Below are some examples where you can/should/must follow numerology:

Name of your new business, name/birth date of your business partner, workplace name/number, date of a planned event of your life, vehicle license-plate number, house number, spouse name, children name…

The list goes-on and would only be limited by your belief in the science of numerology and your dedication to it.

You will need to ensure that all these sum-up to (1) and you will have to avoid/alter them if they sum-up to (3 or 6). And it would be advisable to avoid/alter them if they sum-up to any of your neutral numbers (2, 4, 5, 7, 8 or 9).


Many of you will contradict with my “non-existent” remark, but stay with me in this part and it will be clear to you why I used this term.

First of all, let me say that this is THE reason why it is difficult to follow numerology.

Let’s examine this by a simple question, how would you follow numerology?

Although the ultimate goal is to find the number behind date or name or number, everyone has his/her own way of following it. Some call-up their Human numerologist — this option is not always viable for many practical reasons. When this option is not available, people fallback to different methods of calculating dates, names and numbers. Some use mental-math (the genius type) and the others depend of pen/paper, spreadsheet, calculators, websites etc.

Just for a second, think of the list of tools you have to depend on here. Now categories them by the task at your hand. Can you just pick up a calculator and find number behind a name on its own? How would you calculate number behind an alpha-numeric text? How would you calculate number behind a really long numeral text, say your mobile number?

Agreed that the cases I mentioned above need onetime calculation in that specific instance. But what about when you want to follow numerology in your daily life? Or what if you want to plan some event not only depending on the number behind the date, but by the precision of hour and minute? Let me tell you, you WILL go crazy and that’s why I used the term “non-existent”.

Chances are, most of the time you will depend on more than one tools and even then you will fail to find the correct number sometimes. There is no support or support system that helps you do all these easily or otherwise.

With the traditional tools at hand, it’s almost impossible to follow numerology to receive its maximum benefits.


Keep the best for the last

Quick fun fact: In a timeframe of every 9 minutes, there is at least one minute which will sum-up to your favorable number, that is, if you have at least one favorable number. ;)

There is a solution to this agony of tedious calculations — Numeral Center. A mobile app designed and developed at Scalgan by the followers of Numerology for the followers of Numerology.

Numeral Center is the ultimate support system you have been waiting for! It is one stop solution to reveal the numbers in your day and life at your fingertips and you can carry it wherever you go. It makes your life easy by revealing numbers behind dates, names and numeral texts.

This app has features like Dashboard, Find Number, Month View, Hour View and Minute View. All features are colour coded to help you visualise your numbers better. Be it on-the-go planning or advance planning, Numeral Center is there to help you.


  • Dashboard: The color-coded, real-time page on the app to know the number behind current date and time.
  • Month View: Glance through the month and immediately find out which days are favorable for you; while you are there, drill down to Hour View and Minute View to plan your important events in advance.
  • Find Number: Reveal the number behind any text, be it dates, names or even numeral texts.

It was, initially, developed for our personal needs. Once the app was ready, we realised the kind of positive impact it can have on the lives of so many other followers like us and that’s when we decided we will make it available to everyone.

If you are a follower of Numerology, we truly believe this app will be of a great help to you in your pursue of following this great science of Numerology.

Download the app from Google Play Store:

Visit us at:

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We are a technology startup committed to provide technology solutions to the problems neglected by mainstream solution providers. Visit us @ https://scalgan.com

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We are a technology startup committed to provide technology solutions to the problems neglected by mainstream solution providers. Visit us @ https://scalgan.com

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