Nov 18, 2019 · 3 min read

The New Generation of Bitcoin Analytics

ScalpexIndex Dashboard

We all know that when it comes to trading, the market mood is one of the most difficult aspects to keep track of. In the case of cryptocurrencies — even more so. A swing from buy to strong sell in a matter of hours is part of Bitcoin’s daily pattern, which often ends up catching traders off guard. As a solution to grasping the volatile moods of the even more volatile currency — ScalpexIndex was born.

What is it about?

The ScalpexIndex team undertook a massive amount of work to create a superior, AI-infused bitcoin sentiment analysis mechanism, which ‘learns’ on data from crypto exchanges & social media platforms from 2016 until this very moment to help traders capture the market mood before it becomes apparent, hence resulting in more weighted and profitable trading decisions.

Which tools do I get?

From the core of the Social Index, which accurately displays the current market mood in a user-friendly barometer format, the ScalpexIndex platform is further equipped with a Fear & Greed Index, Market Order Flow, Open Interest, Walls, Hidden Orders and Liquidations’ Detector, and much more. In other words — it is the all-in-one toolbox for enhanced Bitcoin trading decisions.

Social Index — collecting and analyzing data from a variety of sources. From Facebook, Twitter and Telegram, to all leading crypto exchange chats (i.e: BitMEX) to capture the market mood before it becomes apparent. Perfect for trading with the market, as well as counter-trading.

Social Index

Fear & Greed Index — used alongside the Social Index to capture an even fuller scope of crowd reactions and make more weighted trading decisions.

Fear & Greed Index

Market Order Flow — the ratio of market buy : market sell orders.

Market Order Flow

Open Interest — the total size of all active positions. A useful indication of the asset’s general appeal to traders. Includes all OI history.

Open interest history

Wall Detector — through automatic orderbook monitoring on various exchanges, the tool identifies large buy and sell orders, thereafter displaying them conveniently in an event log format. Useful for placing SL/TP.

Wall detector

Hidden Order Identification — similarly to the wall detection tool, this mechanism spots hidden orders, and informs users of their last price and amount filled in the event log.

Hidden orders, open interest, liquidations

Liquidation Alert — a timely liquidations’ monitor alerts traders of all major liquidations, giving them space to adjust their trading decisions.

Join ScalpexIndex & Up Your BTC Game.

The service is 100% Free.

How-To-Use — Trader Overviews

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