Donald Trump is invited to Mexico, so what?

Today, Donal Trump visits Mexico after months and months of attacking the country. Everybody has turned crazy in Mexico and outside too. “How dare him?”, said one man here. “Mexico, Trump is not your friend” Moby, the musician, warns us in Spanish. I do not have any idea of why Trump was invited by the Mexican president, what are they going to discuss or what is the agenda, just like 99.99999% of those who condemn the act. Nobody has any clue. But they all hate it anyway. Why? Because Trump has been ignorant, disrespectful, xenophobic, et cetera agains Mexico? Is that really a sufficient reason?

When Donald Trump is not visiting Mexico (much to the delight of former president Vicente Fox who “officially” uninvited Trump to Mexico forever a few months ago through twitter), the Mexicans are claiming that we need a better society, that we need tolerance, that we must do something towards being more civilized. And I absolutely agree. One of the building bricks of civilization and tolerance is conflict solving actions. Within the civilized frame, a conflict must be solved through diplomacy with implies that both parties in disagreement talk about their differences and find a solution to them. That implies meetings, talks, speaking, listening…all the basics. And all of this begins with an invitation to talk.

We admire and pay respecto to Mandela, who said “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” but we cannot give the doubt to a president that may be acting like that. As I said before, we do not know why president Peña has decided to invite Trump to Mexico, not even why Trump accepted but this would be a wonderful opportunity for us, the Mexicans, to frame it as though we had a civilized president that is teaching by doing. We could all agree that he is being acting in accordance to the purest conflict solving interests and that he is way beyond Trump’s attitude but yet, it is easier to hate and react stupidly to the “evilness”. This is probably a mirror of what we are despite what we would like to be…just saying.