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Scam Clerk
Jun 1, 2018 · 1 min read

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scam Clerk ?

Scam Clerk is like a virus scanner. It’s your own personal “bot” that scans your Twitter account for malicious activity.

Scam Clerk has other features to help manage your interactions on Twitter, such as who follows you, who you follow and managing a block list of impersonation scammers.

What is the SCUM list ?

It is the Scam Clerk Universal Master list that you can subscribe to on Twitter and block scammers enmass automatically.

Each of Scam Clerk’s users can add their impersonators to our master list. Over time, the list will contain thousands of bot accounts that will be made ineffective because we’re all blocking them.

Why only block scammers and not report them?

Twitter may ask you to identify yourself in order to determine whether you are being impersonated. This involves uploading personal documents and we **strongly** recommend against doing this.

Blocking scammers can be done automatically with Scam Clerk, so we can avoid the serious breach of privacy and personal security involved in handing over documents to Twitter.

Where can I read your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

You must be bored. See here: Scam Clerk Policy and Terms

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