What Are Impersonation Scams

If you have a large following, you’ve likely experienced scammers stealing your profile image while using a similar username and falsely claiming to give away cryptocurrencies on your behalf such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and others.

These impersonation scams are widespread!

Not only is this frustrating, it wastes your time wading through a sea of scammy Twitter mentions and likely dissuades you from tweeting more often. Then there’s the actual damage being done to real people falling for the scams — in your name.


What Has Twitter Done About These Scams?

Don’t get me wrong! Twitter is a wonderful platform! It’s unfortunate that scammers are trying to ruin it for us.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, has addressed the issue of these impersonation scams directly by saying they’re “on it” (source). Their first move was to ban advertising of crypto-related ventures (source) *sigh*.

The next move was to start restricting legitimate user accounts (source) and many people saw their follower count drop. We can only speculate this is an *attempt* at restraining bots and scammers and some legit people have been caught in the cross-fire.

None of this has done ANYTHING to help impersonated users.

We need to take matters into our own hands.

We can fight back!

How Scam Clerk Can Help

We’ve created a tool that allows Twitter users to scan their own tweets and find impersonators!

Just keep Scam Clerk open in a browser tab and we’ll sends our anti-scam bots out to find impersonators replying to your tweets. The Scam Clerk bot can automatically find scammers for you.

Scam Clerk’s core features:

  • Regularly scan and block impersonators.
  • Reduce your following list and remove inactive friends.
  • Keep track of your new followers and those that unfollow.
The killer feature is the SCUM list. The Scam Clerk Universal Master list is a collaborative effort among Scam Clerk users to block *all* scammers, not just your own impersonators.

Scam Clerk is here to clean up the mess.

I hope you find the service useful.

Visit https://scamclerk.com