What I mean when I say ‘Digital Transformation’
Michael Brunton-Spall

Great article! I like how you pointed out how out of touch system designers can be from the proposed users.

Regarding “ we need a grand vision for how Government could be.”

Here is a grand vision for you: government is built from Deep Learning. The Deep Learning systems observe current government and we train them for improvement. Repeat for all departments. Eventually train AI to design better operational flow, with minimal waste and susceptibility to corruption. This suggest full digitization of most government operations.

We also get a handle on policy from modeling humanity based our long evolutionary history, and figuring out what is optimal for us as a nation — and what is optimal for us as a species. We train the Deep Learners to simulaneously respect basic human rights, ideologies and sovereignty.

Eventually the Deep Learnings are continuously observing, modeling and designing government at all levels with all government that accept it. Similar systems could be used to design campaigns to elect AI friendly officials and policy makers.

If a government doesn’t accept such a system, what does that say about their intentions? Of course, they could train systems to be more corrupt and selfish, and how to torch other nations.

Full explanation and “grand vision” of AI potential to run the planet properly since we can’t — and obviously why we can’t wait around to “seed” because some of our enemies have already likely started.

Get the entire argument and the research behind it in my free ebook: The AI Revolution and the Ultimate Renaissance: How to Solve the Worlds’ Problems in 50 Years or Less

email me for your copy: scampbell123456@gmail.com and please pass it on!

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