Our first experience at Web Summit Lisbon

Positive experience: On our exhibiting day, we did meet at least 10 relevant B2B contacts in our target industry which may amount to at least 1 or 2 new big partnership.

Through the Mobile app I was able to contact and receive responses from our B2B target audience, which is normally more difficult to do.

Web Summit allows you to get in touch with lots of tech people from all over the world, that is a plus.
 Not so comfortable: Would have preferred more feedback around our booth reservation.

All the investors that contacted were only available for 15 minutes and that is really short to present your company and your goals.

Most of the traffic were other start-ups. That were going to exhibit on the following days (we were on the 1st day)

Incredibly difficult to find and reach out to press before the event. And during the event we’ve only been contact by a Portuguese online newspaper ‘Observador’ that has written a very nice article about our company «http://observador.pt/2016/11/08/web-summit-5-boas-ideias-que-encontramos-no-primeiro-dia/»

The exhibition day very little time on the exhibition floor.

But in the end, It was great to be present and to be able to assist to some of the big conferences and have meat great people!

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