GraalVM & Micronauts — frenzy way to MicroServices, Serverless: Part2

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Micronaut®A modern, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications.

Micronaut® framework is creating buzz around cloud-native(microservice, serverless ) application development due to its enriched features and optimizations based out of modern Polyglot JVM — GraalVM optimizers.

For GraalVM optimizers go thought Part1 of this seriesGraalVM — Byte Code to Bit Code.

Why Micronaut® and what makes it the next level stuff as a framework for Cloud-Native development :

GraalVM & Micronauts — frenzy way to MicroServices, Serverless: Part1

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

Early adopters for Cloud-Native ( microservices, serverless ) are now moving to its next wave called v2.x. leveraging the maturity, learnings, and identified shortfalls to design next-level stuff.

Let’s recap few purposes of going cloud-native that we will relate here:

The current era of microservices is dominated by Java + other JVM based languages by large. Beside JVM’s super-rich ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, community support etc. few observation like thick memory…

What if you can build your own prototype cloud computing with some low-level programming software. Something that can convert your hardware resources grow or sink by intelligently slicing or aggregating them irrespective of different make and specs of bare metal underneath. HCI — Hyper-Convergence Infrastructure( an Intelligent software that provisions elastic, scalable hardware for compute) is the concept behind it.

A typical data center is composed of 3 -tier — compute/server, storage and network, tightly coupled and remotely attached. Whereas modern data center has an approach of provisioning these 3 tiers via a software-centric approach. HCI combines data center resources…

Recently we were taking engineering graduate fresher’s Bootcamp. Fresh talents were free to have machines of their choice for coding, training labs, and further project assignments. They can opt for :

Apart from that — iOS, Android, smartWatch were shared as a portable platform for app deployment during training labs.

During the session, we have encountered many curious questions regarding compatibility, operability among heterogeneous operating systems/platforms working together for producing a single software that in turn can be targeted for many or all of these platforms. …

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