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Not the end of the world. But why is 404 page tracking important for eCommerce? In what way can 404 pages actually affect your store?

We’ll go into that for sure, but also what you can do with the 404 pages that you track. At the end, we’ll share a Google Data Studio template that you can use to create your own 404 tracking dashboard.

You’ll learn about:

Find out out the answers to these questions and get your hands on the 5 reasons why you should track your 404 pages →

Link building, if done correctly, can be an exhausting process of creating quality content that gets shared across the web organically. There’s no surprise that various link-building schemes have appeared over the years to beat the system and make this process easier. The same system, though, is fighting back, constantly reminding us to concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

Google has recently sent a reminder on qualifying links and announced a new spammy backlink algorithm update. This article will explain the steps of performing a successful backlink audit to help you identify toxic backlinks. …

We conducted two rounds of user testing to improve the performance of specific pages on the website of an international baby products company, and we want to share the results with you.

In this article, we want to show you the importance of user testing and how it can help improve the design and content of your website.

We had 20 participants join the first round of the study: 10 for the Collection page, and another 10 for the Product Description page. The methods involved were: 5-Second Test, First-Click Test, User Survey + Heatmaps.

Learn all about the testing methods we used, questions we asked, and improvements we implemented by reading the article on our blog →

We analyzed 9,000+ support requests from online merchants across the globe to understand the areas that really matter to eCommerce businesses in terms of website maintenance and administration.

The following chart shows the distribution of support request types included in the study according to the number of requests we received.

Carding is an online security threat where attackers try to confirm the validity of stolen credit card credentials by using bots to perform multiple automated purchases over the internet.

Although card owners are the ones who are directly affected by the stolen card information and eventual unauthorized card purchases, eCommerce sites used by the attackers in the process also suffer negative consequences.

A carding attack usually results in chargebacks or transaction reversals that force the merchants to refund the money spent on disputed purchases. And chargebacks can definitely hurt merchants because they negatively affect the business’ reputation among credit card merchants and processors, involve fees that will affect their bottom line, and be a reason for loss of customer loyalty.

Read on about recognizing and halting an ongoing carding attack and gather tips on how to protect your eCommerce store →

Every company needs a tradition.

Something to look forward to, to prepare for, to wait for every year, especially if the team is large (and counting) and doesn’t get the chance to get together daily. Something to introduce newcomers to, and appreciate seniors at the same time, to bring everybody together in not just any team-building festivities, but in something that continuously shapes the whole company culture and leaves a mark for its legacy.

ScandiFest, the annual community-driven summer gathering of epic proportions which has fully formed over the recent years, is the epitome of Scandiweb’s long-lasting ‘work hard-party harder’ mindset and by now — our cherished company tradition.

Follow us down memory lane and learn the origin story of our annual event that brings everyone together for parties to remember →

We analyzed the navigation menu performance of a European online timber store in order to ensure an optimal navigation experience for its customers.

To be able to come up with recommendations on how to improve the store’s navigation menu, we tried out 8 hypotheses by conducting tests that show how users navigate the website. We had actual store customers participate in first click testing and tree testing to do this.

Find out the steps and turns we took to give the best navigation menu recommendations for this real-world client →

Planning a big promotion that you hope will double or even triple your store’s traffic in no time? Consider autoscaling or risk experiencing downtime on the most important part of your campaign — the promo launch!

You create sales promotions because you want to increase sales. And that starts with getting more people to your site to browse your products. But what if your site freezes as soon as the promo starts because your server’s resources can’t handle the sudden increase in traffic?

No, you don’t need to pay hefty upgrade fees just to see you through a single promotion…

Why is the navigation menu so important? Your navigation menu is your visitor’s guide to finding the exact item they want from your collection of perhaps thousands of products available on the website. You might understand your website navigation very well, but how do you know if your visitors do so as well?

There is a type of test for that. It’s called Navigation Menu Usability Testing and it’s crucial for navigation menu optimization. It’s a UX research methodology that aims to uncover usability issues with navigation and whether your navigation menu matches your visitors’ mental models and expectations. …

Giving online customers the option to adjust and customize their chosen products while shopping used to be a rather rare occurrence. Last year’s shift in shopping habits has increased this demand significantly, and customers now expect the opportunity to personalize and try on the items online before making a purchase.

Online product configurators help to meet this growing demand.

According to configit.com, the product configuration is an interactive process where the user chooses a feature, which is validated via a configuration rules engine, before allowing the user to make the next choice about the remaining features on their product. …


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