Keeping Up With Scanetchain (June + July)

Aug 16 · 4 min read

The latest updates and news from Scanetchain

Increase of POA Rewards Size

We have some great news. In the coming days, we will be increasing the size of the POA rewards. For those of you that might not be familiar with our POA (Proof of Activity Consensus Algorithm) and reward system, here is a brief explanation of what POA is and the benefit to users:

The proof of Activity Consensus Algorithm can be summarized as Activity-based mining, where Inxight dapp users receive SWC rewards for utilizing the features and functions of the Inxight dapp, different activities provide different size rewards. Users are rewarded for their interaction in the dapp and ecosystem. The reward tokens can be withdrawn to a personal wallet, or exchange wallet, where the tokens can be held, traded and very soon used for services related to the Inxight ecosystem.

We believe that increasing the size of the reward will help to expand the growth of the SWC token economy and Inxight ecosystem. Increasing the reward will also enable greater access to SWC tokens for use in everyday activities.

We will increase the size of the Proof Of Activity reward by 10X (ten times) the current reward value. The team is working on the system and UI/UX updates so we will announce the exact date of the reward increase shortly so please be sure to follow us on Telegram, Medium, Facebook and LinkedIn.

National Assembly Forum ‘Gamification’

On Thursday, June 13th, Scanetchain participated in the Gamification Forum held at the National Assembly of South Korea. The forum was about how gamification can be applied to local communities. Scanetchain examples of how AR can be used in connection with gamification were well received by the National Assembly members and professors that attended the forum. It will be exciting to see how Scanetchain’s AR tech and gamification can benefit local communities in the future!

DApp Site Listings

Our application ‘Inxight’ got listed on 11 of the world’s top DApp sites over the last 2 months. Inxight can reach more users, and users can see useful analytics and data about the app by being listed on these sites. Down below there is a full list of the DApp sites where you can find Inxight.

  1. —
  2. Dapp —
  3. State of the Dapps —
  4. Coincodex —
  5. Dappstatus —
  6. DAppStore —
  7. DAppTotal —
  8. Rating DApp —
  9. Super Dapps —
  10. DappRadar —
  11. —


RISE 2019 (Hong Kong)

At the start of July, the Scanetchain team and CEO David Ham arrived in Hong Kong to attend the well-known start-up and tech conference ‘RISE’. Scanetchain was selected to pitch at the event that brought together more than 16,000 of the world’s leading founders, Fortune 500 CEOs, investors, media outlets, and the most promising startups from over 100 countries.

The pitch and the whole event was a great chance to spread Inxight to more people in order to keep growing our userbase. Meeting other companies and potential partners was also a great opportunity to create more exciting real-life use cases.

AI Expo Korea 2019

On 17–19 July 2019, Scanetchain attended ‘AI Expo Korea 2019’ held at COEX in Seoul. This year over 20.000 people visited the expo to see the latest AI-related technology developments in Korea. AI Expo Korea is an event where companies who are leading AI technology development and implementation in Korea can meet buyers that want to optimize their businesses with AI tech.

The AI Expo Korea 2019 was a great opportunity for Scanetchain to inform people about our Inxight service and meet other companies, partners and possible investors. The Scanetchain booth and AR game attracted a lot of interest and over 2000 people visited our booth!


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