The best cheap Bluetooth speakers under $50 — mid-2019

Test and comparison — great Bluetooth speakers from AliExpress and Amazon

An amazing Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have to cost more than 50 dollars. Forget the tiny, boxy sounding Sony’s, House of Marley’s, Skullcandy’s, UE’s and other offerings in your local electronic stores — these are the real best cheap Bluetooth speakers under 50 dollar.

Between my tests of the best true wireless earphones, cheap noise cancelling headphones, and sports earphones, I occasionally test and compare truly affordable Bluetooth speakers as well. The past year I tested quite a few compact, portable, and lightweight speakers that just work with every smartphone, tablet or laptop.

I test(ed) them on music playback, podcasts playback, video playback, and playback when connected via the 3,5mm audio jack. Of course, portability and build quality are also taken into account.

What to expect from the best Bluetooth speakers under $50?

  • Excellent build quality: Whereas the entry-level Bluetooth speakers from famous brands feel vulnerable and easy-breakable, the best speakers from Chinese brands, offer way better build quality — with robust materials, no loose components and well-thought-out designs.
  • Multiple ways to listen: Most of the tested Bluetooth sets have other options too. When described, they also have a slot for a memory card, where you can play music from. The speakers also contain a plug for 3,5mm audio jacks, meaning you can play your music from your laptop or smartphone also via a wire.
  • Full bass: Whereas most famous branded cheap Bluetooth speakers often struggle to get a decent bass presentation, the speakers in this list offer a sweet, full bass — unless mentioned otherwise.

So let’s start. These are the best cheap Bluetooth speakers under $50 — mid-2019:

Best cheap Bluetooth speaker under $50: Doss Soundbox Pro

50 dollar

Of course, the optional LED-light is far more visible in darker environments

The Doss Soundbox Pro has a sturdy design that resembles that of much more expensive Bluetooth speakers by Sony. It’s around the size of the famous JBL Flip, although this one doesn’t have a round design. The Soundbox has a forward-facing speaker, surrounded by a LED-light you can change in different colors (aqua, blue, red, green, purple, and disco). If you’re not very fond of light in the corner of the room, you can turn it off as well.

The Soundbox Pro offers 12 hours of playback on a single charge and can withstand light rain and dust. Furthermore, it has two playback possibilities next to Bluetooth. You can either put a memory card in to play music from or plug in a 3,5mm audio jack directly from your phone or laptop. Don’t underestimate this feature — this is a speaker that definitely livens up your laptop sound. Another thing: with the add-button, you can connect a second Doss Soundbox Pro and they will play music in stereo. A great feature.

Most importantly, the Doss Soundbox Pro offers excellent sound quality for a Bluetooth-speaker of this size and price. The keyword, compared to so many competitors, is ‘full’. There is an emphasis on the bass and lower frequencies, such as bass guitars, darker electronic tones, and heavy male vocals. The bass of the Soundbox Pro is always present, but not overbearing. Nor does it pump so hard it gets tiresome. If you want more bass, you can press the bass boost button. Doing that will take away a bit of the presence of the mids (such as guitars) and highs (such as some female vocals and cymbals). Without the bass boost, happily, both male and female vocals sound clear and get the room they need.

The Doss Soundbox Pro sounds entertaining and warm and fills up the room even on the lowest volumes. This speaker delivers — as a background speaker while having a conversation, but also as a party speaker. Great stuff for a low price.

Best party Bluetooth speaker under $50: Tronsmart T6

45 dollar

Not a flask, a speaker. And a good one at that

Pumping bass and great sound all around, no matter in which corner you stand or sit. If you plan on taking your Bluetooth speaker on holiday or to a party with a group of friends, the Tronsmart T6 may even be a better choice than the Doss Soundbox Pro.

The main aspect of the Tronsmart T6 is its 360 degrees sound. Because of the round design of the Tronsmart and the formation of the speakers, the T6 sounds good in every corner around it. Even from the ‘backside’ that has a black band, with the plugs to connect a 3,5mm audio jack or a memory card. There are cheaper Bluetooth speakers with a round design *promising* an all-around sound, but the T6 actually delivers. No matter if you put it somewhere up high in a corner, or on the table on which you are sitting. If you do the latter though, prepare for the bass.

The bass of the Tronsmart T6 is a joy. The bass speaker faces downward, so it resonates with the material on which you have the speaker standing. If that is a table, bar, or any other wood furniture, prepare to feel the bass. It pumps heavily for a speaker of this size — making music sound uplifting and engaging. It sounds surprisingly deep and warm, too. It doesn’t take over the other instruments though. Mids like guitars and vocals, still shine, on both lower and higher volumes.

While the T6 lacks a waterproof rating and a handle, it’s built very sturdily and may perfectly withstand a fall. On top of it, it delivers 15 hours of playtime on a single charge. Besides, the Tronsmart T6 is perfectly capable of handling higher, room-filling volumes, without showing crackles or distortions in the music. It’s a party starter for sure.

If money really counts: NBY 18

15 dollar

Sorry, it isn't that clean anymore — it's just really well tested :-)

Are you looking for the cheapest Bluetooth speaker to improve the sound of your smartphone or your laptop? The NBY-18 is a delightfully light and portable speaker you can take everywhere, offering around 10 hours of playtime on a charge.

Seeing this is a smaller speaker than its competitors in this list, don’t expect the same full and warm sound on the NBY-18 as on the Doss Soundbox Pro or Tronsmart T6. The bass doesn’t take a prominent role here. Its strength is the mids and highs, which are pushed forward and come through with clarity, even on high volumes. It makes the NBY a nice little speaker to watch vlogs with or listen to podcasts. If you want more bass, you can still get it by pumping up the bass in the equalizer of Spotify or from your device.

Don't expect wonders from the NBY 18 — you get what you pay for — but it's nice to have such a portable little speaker for such a little price.

Other recommendations for the best Bluetooth speakers under $50

Tronsmart Mega — great Bluetooth-speaker for the kitchen and bathroom ($50)

Yes, there’s another Tronsmart in this list of best Bluetooth speakers under 50 dollars. The Mega is a different speaker than the T6, however. This is not meant as a portable speaker. Therefore, it’s a bit too heavy. The Mega is the kind of speaker you’d love to have in the kitchen, where you can perfectly put it close to you. It delivers a more mid-centric sound than its competitors, emphasizing instruments like guitars and vocals, and less so the bass. The perfect speaker for… cooking sing-a-longs? Neat extra: just like the Doss Soundbox Pro, this can deliver stereo sound if you add another Tronsmart Mega.

Anker Soundcore 2 — the waterproof allrounder ($45)

The Anker Soundcore 2 is, without a doubt, the most popular product of this list. That’s no coincidence. It has great features for the price: 24 hours playback on a single charge and it’s IPX7 waterproof, meaning it can withstand heavy rain and a drop in the pool.

It’s a little smaller than the Doss Soundbox Pro, which shows in audio performance. While the Anker Soundcore 2 sounds bassy and full, it’s a bit short on vocals and higher tones. Put the volume all the way up, and the sound even distorts a bit. However: on regular use, the Anker Soundcore 2 sounds great — and its battery life and waterproof level still make it a solid recommendation.

Foot note

I will continue researching the best cheap Bluetooth speakers, although I'm mainly focussing on true wireless earphones at this point. I’d love to hear from you what Bluetooth speaker you’ve chosen!

Disclaimer: affiliate links

Planning to buy one of the Bluetooth speakers listed? I’d be grateful if you did it via one of the links in this article. These are affiliate links from AliExpress or Amazon, from which I’ll gain a little percentage of the price. I only put links on products I recommend. Buying a product via such a link won’t cost you extra, yet it will support me a bit in my research on affordable audio. ❤

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