Nitrite: a salt or ester of nitrous acid.

We’re all just a bunch of trigger happy people. Some of us, can’t help it. Some of us, don’t care to help it. Most of us have gotten used to waking up everyday and pulling the trigger more than once without much thought. I know, because I am guilty of this too. I’ve pulled the trigger on several occasions. On first dates. On moving day. At a birthday party. On gameday. It’s easy to get away with and at times is it the only thing most of us can think of doing at the time.

I am talking about migraines. Studies are now showing the association between migraines and the bacteria that reduces the nitrates inside the human body. If you are a sufferer of migraines, identify and avoid the triggers most commonly found throughout your diet. Foods such as: hot dogs, cold cuts, deli meats, sausage, chocolate and bacon. Other foods linked to migraines are: red wine, aged cheese, cured meats, soy sauce, canned vegetables, and soups containing monosodium glutamate.

“The most commonly reported food triggers are alcohol (33%) and chocolate (22%)”. If you have experienced migraine headaches after consuming these types of foods, it’s best to avoid them, delicious as they may be. The frustrating part is that there are too many factors that may trigger your migraine headache. Hormone changes and stress can provoke migraine headaches as well. Generally though, foods are culpable at tipping the scales for a full-blown pain parade.

The best and most useful approach is to focus on establishing some regulations for yourself. Learning to identify by investing some time into your diet. It is suggested that even keeping a headache diary can help sufferers improve their situations. In time, the habit will change your circumstances for the better and may possibly lessen the chances of getting a migraine headache. Medication is also available to help prevent migraines. Topiramate, originally developed for people with epilepsy. Propranolol, commonly used for high blood pressure treatment but has been proven to be an effective migraine reducer. Botulinum toxin type A, an injection treatment for severe chronic migraine pain sufferers.

It’s been long debated what actually triggers a migraine headache. “[In] both clinical experience and research studies show that eating certain foods will not trigger headaches, why do patients and doctors believe that it is important to avoid eating such foods? Unfortunately, it is very difficult for both patients and doctors to determine why headaches occur at certain times and not others. In some cases, there may be a number of possible headache trigger factors. Patients then need to sort out which provoker was the important one. For example, you may have a hectic day at work and miss lunch. Late in the afternoon, you feel weak and stressed. So you grab a chocolate bar from the vending machine to eat as you race through the rest of your day. What triggered your headache? Was it the chocolate, the fasting, the stress, or all or none of these?”

Pain Parade