Why you should become a deep generalist, not a specialist
The Startup

The advice for freelancers and service-oriented business entrepreneurs to specialize is often misunderstood. Marketing yourself as a generalist is a very common newbie mistake driven by the fear of “closing doors” and the false premise that having a broader client profile will get you more sales.

The advice is not to become an specialist instead of a generalist, the advice is to market yourself and your business as specialists.

There is a big difference here: the best lawyers, doctors, consultants and service-oriented business entrepreneurs are great generalists capable of making connections across many disciplines. They only market themselves as specialists because this is a solid business practice.

And no, I don’t believe AI will change the laws of marketing, at least not in my lifetime.

So be a generalist, polymath, renascence man or whatever, but if you want to earn more and simplify the acquisition of the best clients, find a good niche and focus your marketing efforts there. It is a bit counter-intuitive for many people and I can’t believe how much I struggled before trying it because results are astonishing.