Waka pass (pronounced /wækæ pæs/)

Hey, Orisirisi.

I read your piece, the one in question, I think it was yesterday (my memory runs around like spilled marbles sometimes)

It touched me greatly, made me remember the times in my life I couldn’t bear just being near Church (and bringing myself close to God) because inside the strength wouldn’t come.

I want you to know that rather than what you described up there (how people got you), your piece got me. And I am better for having read it, blessed to know I’m not alone, in the struggle and in that endless pursuit of the better me, starting again.

But not from Zero.

Don’t let that guy’s need to implode in hate stain your inner shine. It’s so bright it’s warming many from within even here in UG.

Keep Your Shine. Start over in faith. You’re words are not in vain

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