The Classroom Is Dead
Eli Horowitz

There is more than one type of classroom. Yes, learning takes place wherever a curious mind can connect with an idea, a skill, with something that elevates as it also connects with the learner.

That also happens in the classroom be it on the stone benches of ancient, outdoor classrooms or the “confines” of any old school classroom. It it the teacher who provides the wings. Teachers are the guides, the mystics, the brain surgeons of education. They, and the rooms in which they let loose the art and craft of their profession, might be replaced with leveled classrooms but there will be a cost, just like it has cost us our attention spans, crashed as they are by the constant push of data from smart phones or pads. There will be a deeper loss of critical thinking, a loss of manual dexterity (think of the love letters never to be written by a lover’s hand), a loss of a learning community.

It is not that alternative platforms are not full of alternatives to learning: It is more that the human traditions within which learning is fostered, the classroom, have value, have great value.

Btw, I teach at a wireless school.

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