The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

Considering that I have seen or read most of your tweets and interviews since 3x07, I cannot believe that a single word of this was sincere. Perhaps you sincerely regret choosing this path for Lexa, but you aren’t fooling anyone into thinking that the regret you feel has anything to do with the well-being of your audience. There is no way that you feel anything past the undoubtedly negative effect this will have on your own career.

I have no doubt that this whole fiasco will hang over your head in the future or that many will seriously consider not working with you because of this — not because of the decision you made with the story, but because of how you strung the audience along and more importantly, how you reacted to the backlash afterwards.

Congratulations. You have effectively labeled yourself as a PR disaster waiting to happen.

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