The Scarlet Briefing 8/26


The Scarlet Briefing

Every week, the team at Scarlet shares what we consider the most compelling news in A.I., digital assistants and technology that affects and helps the lives of humans. Here are this week’s picks.

  • A Chinese A.I. “writing robot” named Xiaomingbot covered the Olympic Games, producing over 450 stories. And it wasn’t the only ‘bot reporting at Rio. (Quartz)
  • Director Werner Herzog: “Could it be that the Internet is already dreaming of itself and we don’t know, because it would ­conceal it from us?” (Popular Science)
  • Virtual reality haptics — tech that lets you touch “objects” in the virtual world — still has a long way to go, but let’s start with this creepily awesome exoskeleton for the hand. (The Verge)
  • Meet Octobot, a 3D-printed, soft, squishy, perfectly adorable autonomous robot out of Harvard. It just wants to cuddle. (CNET)
  • A man used his thoughts to activate nanobots inside a cockroach. One day, mind-controlled robots could dispense medicine inside your brain, too! Hooray. (New Scientist)
  • Robots of the future might have artificial whiskers modeled after rats, which could have a huge effect on performance where temperature and scent are concerned. (TechCrunch)
  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s — a drone delivering pizza in New Zealand? (CNET)

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