The Scarlet Briefing 9/23

Image via Museum of Modern Art

The Scarlet Briefing

Every week, the team at Scarlet shares what we consider the most compelling news in A.I., digital assistants and technology that affects and helps the lives of humans. Here are this week’s picks.

  • Listen to a new pop song composed entirely by artificial intelligence. It’s pretty catchy. (PopSci)
  • A.I. might make promising compositions, but does it pose an existential threat to humanity? Turns out that most experts aren’t worried. Phew. (MIT Technology Review)
  • Yahoo announced they were the target of the largest hacked breach of user data in history. Here’s how it affects you. (ComputerWorld)
  • Curious about how many times your personal info might have been exposed to hackers? Take this helpful quiz to find out. (New York Times)
  • The Museum of Modern Art has an incredible new online archive that documents every show the museum has displayed since 1929, all available for free. (The Atlantic)
  • Meet Evo, a tiny social robot with an important mission — getting more girls to code. (WIRED)

Here at Scarlet, we believe technology should be better at helping us orchestrate our days. So we’re building it.

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