The Scarlet Briefing

Every week, the team at Scarlet shares what we consider the most compelling news in A.I., digital assistants and technology that affects and helps the lives of humans. Here are this week’s picks.

Cyborg drummers keep great time. A Georgia Tech professor created a robotic arm for a drummer who had an arm amputated. See the video at IEEE Spectrum.

Only in San Francisco. New Soccer team will use AI to determine seating for fans, in SF Gate.

Scientists created a new robotic hand that is strong, but can handle gentle tasks as well. See the video on Quartz’ Facebook.

Volvo wants your phone to be the only car key you need, on The Verge.

Finally. The FCC is trying to liberate the cable box, in Wired.

Ohhh, and if you have a drone, today is the last day to register it, from Fast Company.

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