What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2021 Release?

New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP Release 2021

  • A Mass Modify option now allows users to update account descriptions.
  • For each receivables batch, users can choose how they want to deposit customer payments.
  • Scrolling across account segments is now possible thanks to new functionality.
  • Payables 1099 print feeds can be set to single feed by default.
  • An email address will be printed on the Payables 1096 form.
  • Sort options on Inquiry Windows can be saved as defaults.
  • The user can modify project numbers and IDs, contract numbers and IDs, and cost categories, in a new window.
  • The system will automatically save the user’s last column filter settings for all-in-one view windows.
  • For Sales Document or Sales Range inquiries, SOP now includes a “go to” option.
  • Employee names will now be pulled directly from their payroll checks into the Safe Pay file.
  • When printing W-2s, a new checkbox allows users to partially mask social security numbers.
  • Payroll transactions can be copied and pasted directly from Excel into the Payroll Transaction Entry window.
  • On a batch-by-batch basis, users can now save defaults for the Payroll Transaction Entry window.
  • Users can click a box to automatically post Approved Workflows for batches in Payables, General Ledger, and Receivables.
  • When a specific workflow is completed, a carbon copy feature has been enabled to send additional users email notifications.
  • Under the Workflow Approval Count, a fourth option was added, allowing the user to specify how many approvals are required for a certain workflow.

When Considering an Upgrade, Keep The Following in Mind:

  • Users must opt-in to at least one of the yearly updates to continue using GP in its extended lifecycle (i.e., if you didn’t do the 2021 mid-year upgrade, you must go ahead with this one).
  • It’s critical to schedule time for testing as part of the upgrade process.
  • Before installing any upgrade patch files to the system, users should make sure they have functional backups.
  • Make sure that all modifications, extensions, and add-ins are properly coded to allow for a seamless upgrade.
  • The upgrade process for an on-premise configuration differs significantly from that of a cloud server, such as Azure. We recommend checking in with your Dynamics Partner if you are unsure.




Scarlett Jonathon is the head of marketing at DynamicsSmartz and Microsoft Dynamics enthusiast with rich experience in integrated business solutions.

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Scarlett Jonathon

Scarlett Jonathon

Scarlett Jonathon is the head of marketing at DynamicsSmartz and Microsoft Dynamics enthusiast with rich experience in integrated business solutions.

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