How To Create A Pin For Roku Account?

Roku account consists of a payment setup that allows a user to process payments for streaming content. So today we will learn to setup a pin for preventing unauthorized payment.

Creating a Pin Safe guards your Roku account against illegal processing of payments for Roku streaming like subscribing a channel, renting a movie, etc. It is necessary in case multiple users use your Roku account for streaming. So you can create pin so that the other users of your account can not rent or subscribe any channel without your permission. If you have Pin on your Roku account, then whenever a user will try to make payment then you will be notified of it so if you want to allow that purchase then enter the Pin else deny to it.

If you haven’t setup a Pin for your Roku account then just go through the following help steps that will guide you through that whole process.

1. Open the browser on any of the computer or smartphone connecting to the internet.

2. Type in the URL as

3. Once the page loads up click on the option for “Login.”

4. Type in your Login credentials that is your Username and password. In case you forgot or don’t remember your login information then head to www Roku Com Support to reset the login details.

5. Once you successfully verify the login details, try to view the Pin Preferences and click on “Update” to set a pin.

6. You can set the pin for three different cases based on your choice or the security level you want to keep your Roku account. These three cases will be as follows:

· Always ask for Pin before purchasing or adding an item to the channel store.

· Always ask for Pin while purchasing.

· Never ask for Pin for purchasing or adding and channel to the existing channel store.

7. If you enable any of the first two cases, then the system will prompt you to setup a pin if you haven’t setup a pin before to it. So enter any four digit number to keep it as a pin and click on “verify Pin” to confirm the changes.

8. In case you already had a Pin then you won’t be asked to setup a pin as you will be requested to type in the Pin for Verify pin field.

9. Now click on “Save Changes” to confirm the changes by accepting all the terms and conditions.

Remember creating a Pin for Roku account only prevents the purchasing and renting of channels and movies but does not block any of the available content on your Roku. So if you want to prevent any of the particular shows from streaming to some of its users, then you need to apply parental control to it.

As Roku doesn’t facilitate the refund for any of the purchase or renting you did accidentally, so it’s better to avoid those by setting up a Pin for all purchases. Also today we discussed to setup a Pin for Roku account using few simple steps. Hope you find it helpful. Also feel free to get More Roku help procedures if you find any issue.

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