Keeping My Financial Feet on the Ground
Vonetta Young

Vonetta, this is an excellent article about the reality of being self-sufficient and independent. It’s fortunate that you have a supportive husband and that is a wonderful thing. Creating partnerships with people who help us is a key part of being independent. Your example of a healthy relationship is something women need to see and I’m glad you talked about it and I would encourage you to write more on this topic. Your description of the bad/bully boss is spot on. The negative impact of someone who is an a position of power over you and is abusing it cannot be underestimated. I’ve been there as have many others and it is a horrible experience. I am glad that you left that soul-killing situation and returned to your writing roots! I’m planning on sharing your brilliant and inspiring article. Congratulations on stepping out in courage. I predict you’re going to be very successful!

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