Assamese style Mutton Curry

Being an assamese i am a foodie and love to cook too ! Attached image is from my dinner table, which represents a traditional assamese household. I will explain how and why :

Served in Kansa utensil ! Health & Culture both.

Rice the indispensable part of the assamese menu. Yes it’s huge amount of carbs intake *blush*

Mutton cooked with raw papaya & potato, minimum oil & spices. Mutton being red meat and hard to digest it is often cooked with papaya to keep it calming for the tummy & easy to digest. **Pork & Duck meat too is cooked with no or little oil and with a vegtable

The “Kaaji Nemu” — Lemon, parceled by my mom from Guwahati. Refreshing and juicy.

Granny made “chilli pickle” in mustard paste with fresh lemon juice as preservative.

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